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Fandependent is a Film Festival Competition

Discover new, awesome short films. Support the films and filmmakers you love by Becoming a Fan. The films with the most support win.


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We have 4 film festivals a year

A new film every day

Every day at 7pm CST we will premier one new film.

Free to watch

Yup. Every film on our site is free to watch. No logins or accounts needed. What's cooler than that?!

Become a Fan

Each film gets a 3-week run. Support the films and filmmakers you love by Becoming a Fan before their run is over.

Help Films Win

The top films win awards and a sweet trophy. It's not an Oscar but it's the next best thing.

We are looking for 65 short films

For 2017 we will be moving on from screening feature films and will be showcasing shorts only (of 30 minutes or less). In addition, we will be giving away $2,000 in prizes to our top three films.


For the film with the most FANS


For the film with the most VIEWS


For our favorite film of the festival

This site was built in our living rooms...

(And wherever there was free internet)

We are not corporate dudes in khakis, nor are we a group of investors seeking the next startup. We are two filmmakers with a deep love for the independent genre; people that create great films, but don't have enough places to show their work. This site was built in the same manner as the films we present: a project pulled together with little resources, driven through sacrifice, and a desire to create. There is a flame burning in the hearts of filmmakers worldwide, and it's our pleasure to throw fuel on that fire.

Jerry Tran Ben Hicks
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Ben Hicks and Jerry Tran
of Fandependent Films

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