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Fall 2016 Film Festival

There are 4 films left in competition.

Films in Competition

Day-in, Day-out (Tagaus Tagein)  by Richard Rossmann Day-in, Day-out (Tagaus Tagein)  by Richard Rossmann
Empire of Dirt by Peter Stebbings Empire of Dirt by Peter Stebbings
Peter Stebbings
1 day left

The current top three films of Fall 2016

The three films with the most fans at the end of the festival win the Audience Award and get enshrined in The Collection where they will live on in infamy.
335 fans
Jorge Ortigoza
304 fans
Jon Alston
183 fans
Richard Rossmann

1st Place Wins a Distribution Deal

Fandependent Films has partnered with Indie Rights to give a distribution deal to the film that wins the Fall 2016 festival! Indie Rights is a trusted name in indie film distribution and is able to get films seen on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Hulu and more. We've also partnered with Film Snobbery which will give a theatrical screening in Los Angeles to one of our winning films! Learn more about our partnerships!
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We are looking for 60 short films

Beginning with our upcoming Winter 2017 Festival, we will be moving on from screening feature films and will be showcasing shorts only (of 30 minutes or less). In addition, we will be giving away $2,000 in prizes to our top three films.
Our Fall 2016

Festival Partners

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