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Starting in 2017, we will be showcasing shorts in our film festivals

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We are accepting films for our upcoming festival

Submission Received

Thank you for submitting your film. We will watch your film and consider it for the upcoming Festival. You should get a response regarding our decision within the next 4-7 days. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Your film has been automatically accepted into our Festival. Please check your email for our Official Acceptance letter and instructions on how to prepare your film for it's upcoming screening. We look forward to showcasing your work!

How it works...

Fandependent is a festival that showcases a new short film each day. Your film gets a 3-week run to attract fans and viewers. At the end of the festival, the films with the most support win.

What can you win?


Fan Award

For the film with the most FANS


Audience Award

For the film with the most VIEWS


Jury Award

For our favorite film

Why submit to Fandependent Films?

If you are an Official Selection of Fandependent Films, we will give your film a permanent home and a platform for promotion. Since we premier only one film a day, we ensure that your work doesn't get lost in a sea of films. We will also publish an interview during your film's run to promote you as a filmmaker.

Get your film seen

We feel that our competition enables filmmakers to promote their films with a sense of urgency by telling people to watch and support their films before their time expires. Regardless, the most important thing is to get your film seen, thus making winners out of all of us.

What kind of films are we accepting?

We're looking for the best short films out there. We accept animation, docs and films of every genre. For details on our submission process, what to expect, what we look for, and other common questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Your film must be under 30 minutes.

More reasons

  • We are AD free
    There won't be an advertisement for swimming trunks blinking next to your film.
  • Easy to watch
    No one has to log in to view your film. We make finding and watching your film easy.
  • We're filmmakers, too
    Let's stick together.

Submit your film for consideration


Submission Fee

Why is there a submission fee?
This is the fee for us to consider your film. It helps keep our site alive and also helps pay our winners.
This fee is non-refundable.
Unfortunately, we cannot refund your fee once your film has been submitted. Please remember that paying this fee also does not guarantee that your film has been accepted.

What happens if my film is selected?

You'll be assigned a premier date

Your film will launch at 7pm CST on this date and will be the only film that premiers that day.

You get 3-weeks to attract fans

Every film in our festival gets a 3-week screening run to gain as many fans and viewers as possible.

Win a prize and a trophy

If your film has the most fans or viewers, you win a cash prize and a sweet trophy. It's not an Oscar but it's the next best thing.

Your film remains in our Collection

When the festival is over your film can still be viewed in the Fandependent Collection until the end of time (or for as long as you like).

Have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding your film submission,
please feel free to contact Ben Hicks at

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