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Independent Feature Films that have played on our site:

  • Usher Morgan
    2015, 13m, comedy, romance

    Prego, an award-winning short comedy film by Usher Morgan tells the story of Emily (Katie Vincent), a young woman confronting a one-night stand (Taso Mikroulis) with the revelation that she's pregnant. Things go from bad to worse when Emily discovers that Mark is not an ideal father figure.

    Produced by: Usher Morgan
    Cast: Katie Vincent, Taso Mikroulis
  • Dave Conte
    2015, 11m, comedy

    Jef Needs Ice Cream is about a guy named Jef who goes to his recently-deceased friend Brad's apartment to smoke all of his weed before his parents come to collect his things. After getting good and stoned, he realizes that Brad didn't leave any ice cream behind after his death, and now he has to brave the harsh New York City winter to find some.

    Produced by: Dave Conte
    Cast: Cory Stevens
  • Douwe Dijkstra
    2015, 12m, animation, documentary, experimental

    From the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers, this 12 minute documentary short explores the peculiar ritual of watching film. How is the medium experienced by people with sensory impairments, strong religious beliefs, or lovesickness? A story about moving images and their audience.

    Produced by: Bart Jansen
    Cast: Bas Koopmans, Rob Peters
  • Jake Honig
    2016, 9m, comedy, drama

    A man (Richard Kind) tries to kill himself in a motel room.

    Produced by: David Rysdahl, Joseph J. DePasquale, Roxy Kurta
    Cast: Richard Kind (A Serious Man, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Argo) & David Rysdahl
  • James P. Gannon
    2014, 14m, action, comedy

    The Smoke Bomb Boys are the guys who never really fit in. They do things their own way with a course set for the dream: no shitty jobs, no complicated relationships, just hanging out, blowing stuff up and fucking around. But sometimes the realities of the real world may make that seem like it's not enough and fosters an internal struggle over conformity and acceptance within their group. Choices are made, friendship's are tested, and shit explodes.

    Produced by: Pocket Storms
    Cast: Chris Cipriano, Lawrence Jansen, Mike Bain
  • Trond Kvig Andreassen
    2016, 30m, documentary, experimental

    The filmmakers hit the American highway with the idea of a documentary where the camera itself does the travelling, not a host or a main character. We follow one character until they cross paths with a new character, and in this way the film travels from New York in the east to Los Angeles in the west, via the swampland in the south. We get a unique peek into American culture and working class, with a intimate and sensitive approach, covered with the everyday philosophy: who are all the people surrounding us, and where can a random encounter lead us?

  • Nathan Campbell, Alec Cummings
    2016, 2m, action, animation, comedy

    A whaling run takes a turn for the worse when a fearless captain and her small crew of whale-hunters encounter a far more ancient and horrible evil.

  • Bill Whirity
    2014, 2m, horror

    It's only 2mins long, you could've watched it by now! ;-)

    Cast: Ted Raimi, Suzanne Keilly, Gillian Running
  • Sebastien Nuta
    2017, 11m, comedy

    Rudolph lives alone in a secret cavern beneath a carrot farm. He dreams of befriending the family above him, and occasionally comes out of hiding to watch the farmer’s son, Billy, playing in the fields. He does his best to stay out of sight, but his severe asthma forces him to steal inhalers from Billy’s bedroom. Mysterious sightings on the farm increasingly put Marty, the farmer, and Billy on edge. Their suspicion is justified when Marty accidentally discovers Rudolph’s cavern in a freak crash involving a tractor. Rudolph must face the fact that his time with the family might be up.

    Produced by: Nasser Akkari, Greyson Sawyer
    Cast: Frank Ludwig, Jeff Tendall, Brayden Ferrell
  • Nikhil Bhagat
    2016, 6m, fantasy, horror, sci-fi

    An aging drifter hunts fallen angels in a desolate city. Society may have turned its back on him, but that doesn't stop him from moving forward in his endless search for fallen angels.

    Produced by: Nikhil Bhagat, Chris Boyd
    Cast: John Henry Whitaker, Timothy Taratchila, Michael Felbinger, Jeremy Russell, Rooney, Joshua Martini, Burt Culver,
  • A Color Green
    2016, 5m, action, horror, thriller

    Danish star Albert Bendix leads A Color Green's directorial debut as Mute Man, a tongue-chopping madman chasing three kids who stumble into his neck of the woods. Official Selection: San Sebastian Horror Festival 2016, Morbido Festival 2016, Sydney Underground Film Festival 2016, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2016, La Mano Festival de Cine Fantástico y de Terror 2016, Tucson TerrorFest 2016, Bogota Short Film Festival 2016, Mirror Mountain Film Festival 2016, Little Terrors 2016, Twisted Horror Film Festival 2016, South African Horror Fest 2016.

    Produced by: Kyle Greenberg, Cameron Krause, Tripp Jakovich, Alessandro Santoro
    Cast: Albert Bendix, Catherine Beckett, Tripp Jakovich, Lauren Culp, Joseph Talluto
  • Salman Sajun
    2017, 1m, animation

    So this is how its done! The A -Z of creating a project with yours truly and my talented band of magicians. I wanted to show all the different steps involved in the creation process while adding an explosion of colour and wackiness to it all! And of course everything is shot in camera frame by frame with the magic of stop-motion!!

    Produced by: Salman Sajun
  • Mike Reda
    2016, 9m, drama, romance

    Told completely in voice-over, HIM+HER shows the beginning and ending of a relationship from the perspective of both characters.

    Produced by: Mike Reda
    Cast: Christopher Robert Escobar, Courtney Lynn Lakin
  • Emil T. Jonsson
    2014, 14m, horror, mystery, thriller

    A vengeful father suspects that his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty. In exacting revenge he forgets about his daughters life threatening condition. A dramatic thriller resting on moral dilemmas.

    Produced by: Emil T. Jonsson
    Cast: Per Ragnar, Emil T. Jonsson
  • Weston Razooli
    2016, 15m, comedy, crime

    Sprytle and Frex, two desperate friends, are planning to rob their coke dealer, Jolly Boy. They recruit a third friend, Cody to pose as a 'burglar' who will rob their apartment when Jolly Boy arrives for a delivery. While perfecting the scheme, a web of betrayal and greed unfolds amongst them. However, on the day of the robbery, their plans are turned upside down when Jolly Boy arrives with his entire gang, the Sofa Boys.

    Produced by: Jacob Grodnik, Weston Razooli, Jeffrey Reeser
    Cast: Jacob Grodnik, Chris Stathis, Weston Razooli
  • Adam Losurdo, Aladdin Alisic
    2015, 12m, horror, sci-fi, thriller

    After years of his daughter "Rosie" missing and plagued by his loss, the days consist of going to the next fix or repair. Off to his next repair, he will soon discover the unimaginable horror that lies within the water plant.

    Produced by:
    Cast: Jeppe Beck Laursen
  • Matt Richards
    2015, 12m, crime, horror, sci-fi

    Willie Bingham is the first man to undergo a radical new justice program. The government has introduced Progressive Amputation as a controversial punishment for capital crime — the real life version of ‘an eye for an eye’. The procedures, performed live in front of victims’ families, stop only at their request.

    Produced by: Brendan Guerin
    Cast: Kevin Dee, Gregory Fryer
  • Christopher Bell
    2016, 12m, comedy, mystery, sci-fi

    Brian doesn't want to see Star Wars. But then he sees it? And then...?

    Cast: Carl Kranz, Matthew Hopkins, Robby Ritacco, Kristen Martin, Kiwi Cat
  • Alice Ralston
    2015, 14m, comedy, drama

    The Pissy Tits Street Gang is a story of empathy, belonging and the all-dreaded ‘adulthood’. Badass Sam is sent off to live with her avoiding father in a dead end, no hope town and is desperate for an escape. Cue The Pissy Tits Street Gang, the neighborhood’s strange and bombastic petty criminal duo. The gang leader Pissy and her sidekick Peanut are ecstatic to initiate their new member, but as Sam delves deeper into their bizarre lifestyle the cracks in the gang start to appear.

    Produced by: The Film School
    Cast: Kirana Gaeta, Piu Piu-Maya Turei, Leila Barber
  • Naomi van Niekerk
    2016, 3m, animation

    This film is inspired by the poem written by Ronelda Kamfer. In Afrikaans it is called ’n Gewone blou Maandagoggend (An ordinary blue Monday). It tells the story of every day life in the ghetto, told through the eyes of a young girl living on her way to school. The film is created with the technique of Sand animation.

  • Talha B. & Maan B.
    2016, 19m, comedy, musical

    Film School Musical is a comedy that features parodies of songs from classical musicals we all grew up loving and watching, filled with little winks and nods to industry insiders.

    Produced by: Carolina Sandoval
  • Theodore Collatos
    2016, 11m, drama, experimental, family

    A tale of family across the seasons, Albatross chronicles the life of a young girl, the uncle raising her and her father who unexpectedly returns to the scene.

    Produced by: Carolina Monnerat, Ben Umstead
    Cast: Matt Shaw, Casedy Shaw
  • Steven McCarthy
    2015, 15m, horror, mystery, romance

    A young woman and the man who cares for her race to find shelter in a roadside motel so they can feed her addiction, in this intriguing, wordless story about desire and dependency. Steven McCarthy's debut film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival before playing festivals all over North America. It was chosen by TIFF as one of the top ten short films of 2015 and a feature length version is now in the works..

    Produced by: Steven McCarthy, Eric Haapala, Corinne Wilkerson
    Cast: Steven McCarthy, Alyx Melone, Sandra Forsell
  • Jason Evans
    2017, 6m, documentary

    Giving voice and visibility to those who were too young to vote 'To Speak of Ourselves' is a short documentary about a wide range of teenagers from different backgrounds and cultures, speaking about their hopes and concerns in Trump's America.

    Produced by: Kristen Beecy
    Cast: Jada-Renee Bland, Mahzebin Prapti-Bangladesh, Nova Stanley, David Helm II, Desmond Napoles, Henrry Reyes, Johnny Castro, Mark Randolph, Lumia Nocito, Jream Henderson, Vitor Dos Anjos, Chella Man, Tesla Washabaugh, Skylar Cassette, Taira Rice
  • Claire Fowler
    2016, 16m, drama, romance

    A short film about love, told backwards.

    Produced by: Moses Israel Guerrero, Sacha Smith
    Cast: Natasha Bassett, Shane Coffey, Daniele Watts, Hunter Garner
  • Shant Hamassian
    2015, 11m, action, horror

    Our protagonist, Jenelle, clearly isn't avoiding the slasher, she instigates the situations herself. She invites the demon in. We see that the scar on her neck clues us in that something physically traumatic happened to her and the only way she can deal with this on a mental and human level is to keep revisiting the situation to feel that she can overcome it. In the process, she runs into the danger of getting others killed and becoming a monster herself.

    Produced by: Adam Lesar, Eve Constance, Shant Hamassian
    Cast: Lily Berlina, Scott Javore, Adam Lesar, David Swann, Eve Constance
  • Truls Krane Meby
    2016, 16m, comedy, drama, history

    At the end of the 90s the Internet comes to Northern Norway and coincides with the sexual awakening of young Mads (12). The introduction of porn into his life complicates his relationship to his parents, and their house becomes a minefield filled with uncomfortable interactions.

    Produced by: Jannik Dam Kehlet
    Cast: Heine Dybvik, Anders T. Andersen, Nina Bendiksen
  • Danny Madden
    2015, 5m, action, animation, family

    Anything you wanna watch in the palm of your hands! Crazy convenient. Crazy...

    Produced by: Jim Cummings, Benjamin Wiessner
  • Jay Rondot
    2017, 9m, comedy

    Barry is the story of Barry Berkins, a homespun cocaine dealer who joins Facebook in an attempt to take his business to the next level. However, he soon finds that sharing doesn't always lead to caring.

    Cast: Pete Gardner, Mandy Levin, Jay Rondot, Rob O'Malley, Brent Chase
  • Eddy Bell
    2014, 15m, drama

    When Martin, a South Sudanese refugee, happens upon a bull he believes is his spiritual totem, he decides to rescue it from the abattoir he works in. Once home, the bull begins to jeopardise Martin’s family’s chance at fitting in. Martin is torn between his ancient cultural identity and his family’s new life in Australia.

    Produced by: Khoby Rowe
  • Rolf Heldal
    2013, 14m, drama, family, mystery

    Lars lives a solitary life working as a security guard. One day after finishing his shift, he get a call where he learns that his estranged father has passed away. While mourning the loss of a man he never knew, he learns that his father has left a dog behind. What ensues is a meditation on a sons bereavement, as Lars tries to come to terms with the dark ghost of a father, moving him from resentment to loss.

    Produced by: Martin Alslie
    Cast: Knut Øines
  • Miguel López Valdivia
    2015, 9m, documentary

    Burnout is the portrait of a paramedic and his relationship with death. A duel between the deep pleasure that gives him the adrenaline when he turns on the siren, and the emotional weariness from being the witness of countless tragedies.

    Produced by: Irving A. Riojas Rodríguez
    Cast: Alejandro Ezquerra Osorio, Justino Fernández Palomo, Héctor Páramo Álvarez, Enrique Zarabia Martínez & Alejandro Corona Cordero
  • Gideon van der Stelt
    2015, 7m, animation, experimental

    This is Raderen (international title: Clockworks), telling the story of a girl who lies half awake in her bed. Stuck in her thoughts and worries, she keeps returning to the metropole that is her mind: a large turn-of-the-19th-century city built inside a giant clockwork. Cars drive endlessly around the ever-revolving city located on a large cog, while the relentless rhythm of time seems to have a mind of its own.

  • Amanda McCann
    2016, 1m, animation, comedy, history

    A nine year old in medieval England excitedly goes to hand out his birthday invitations only to discover all of his friends have succumbed to horrible medieval deaths. Luckily the town peasant has a surprise in store for him.

    Produced by: Cassie Ramoska, Amanda McCann
    Cast: Cassie Ramoska, Amanda McCann
  • Maxime-Claude L'Écuyer
    2012, 13m, drama

    Suki tells the story of Mathieu grappling with the ultimate decision: to end the life of his faithful companion, his dog Suki. We are witnessing the inner turmoil caused by this decision and the ambivalence it provokes in the character. He will have to take on responsibility and live with his decision.

    Produced by: Maxime-Claude L'Écuyer
    Cast: Benoit Saint-Hilaire
  • Simon Hatton
    2016, 17m, drama, horror, mystery

    Calling out into the dark, unknowable afterworld, two desperate grieving parents seek closure on their missing, presumed dead, daughter – through the powers of a medium. With alarming accuracy, our mysterious psychic is able to pluck shockingly intimate details seemingly from the aether, drawing Rebecca (Hannah Arterton) deep under her spell and rattling Isaiah (Ivanno Jeremiah) out of his deep depression, but there are more sinister forces at work, and nothing is what it really seems…

    Produced by: Femi Oyeniran
    Cast: Ivanno Jeremiah, Hannah Arterton, Lucy Sheen
  • Liam Acton
    2016, 9m, comedy, horror

    If you’re worried about Donald’s Trump’s rise to power, Brexit, ISIS, the banks or any other item on the ever-expanding list of reasons the world is going to sh*t, things could always be worse…you could have your neighbours bins to worry about.

    Produced by: Deadly Films
    Cast: Baker Terry
  • Rodrigo Lopresti
    2016, 16m, drama

    A couple that has drifted apart must now confront the challenges of what has kept them together.

    Produced by: Jay Webb, John W. Yost
    Cast: Rodrigo Lopresti, Francis Benhamou
  • Jack Dunphy
    2016, 5m, documentary

    A secretly recorded phone conversation between the director and his sister, laced with bitter honesty, familial messiness, and complex affections that only siblings can provide.

  • The Brothers Lynch
    2016, 15m, action, sci-fi, thriller

    A pioneering mind transfer procedure offers a quadriplegic soldier the chance of a new life... but at a terrible cost. Corporal Aaron Kirkwood finds himself in another part of the science facility with no idea how he got there. These time jumps escalate out of control climaxing with a horrific realisation, as Aaron discovers the true purpose of the procedure.

    Produced by: Ed Barratt
    Cast: Tom Cullen, Ana Ularu, Joseph Mawle
  • Estelle Charrié
    2016, 5m, animation, comedy, fantasy

    An the roundabout of a commercial area lives a nymph. One day she makes a unpredictable encounter with a gardener janitor.

    Produced by: EMCA (school)
  • Julien Regnard
    2014, 10m, animation, drama

    Somewhere Down the Line follows a man’s life, loves and losses, shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.

    Produced by: Jonathan Clarke
  • Jessica Beshir
    2016, 6m, documentary, drama, musical

    Fred Nelson began tapping later in life. He never stopped. This is his story: the meaning of sound, and his experience finding that meaning.

    Produced by: Aziz Isham
    Cast: Fred Nelson
  • Ian Clark
    2012, 25m, drama, experimental, romance

    A landscape painter navigates a fleeting relationship.

    Produced by: Ian Clark
    Cast: Robert Beam, Emily Galash, Erik Jensen
  • Lina Suh
    2016, 14m, comedy, drama

    An aspiring standup comedian falls into a jealous funk when her roommate's career blows up and it threatens to ruin their friendship.

    Cast: Christine Nangle, Scout Durwood, Dave Hill, Richard Pierre-Louis
  • Massimo Ottoni, Salvatore Centoducati
    2016, 6m, action, animation, sci-fi

    The adventures of two thieves in a near and dystopian future, where water has become a currency and is exchanged to buy the food produced by the water itself. A very rare and desired good, managed by unscrupulous corporations, disputed between outlaws and fences of all kinds. The two thieves, rivals first then allies, in a daring run trough intensive farming wastes and the few examples of a responsible consumption, will find themselves comparing the reality of a devastated and arid world with the memories of their childhood, when another future could be written.

    Produced by: Regione Piemonte, Regione autonoma Valle d'Aosta
  • Tyler Rubenfeld
    2012, 27m, drama, experimental, mystery

    Brian is an avid follower of the video blog of struggling actress Gina. When, by sheer chance, Gina moves in next door, he gains access to the life she leads offline, through faraway glances and overheard conversations. He becomes so invested in her life, both online and off, that the true nature of their relationship is put into question.

    Cast: Michael Fentin, Jenna D'Angelo
  • Savanah Leaf
    2016, 6m, drama, experimental, family

    F Word is a short, art film about a young woman, Nicole, raised by a single parent and empowered to make sense of the place (inside her) which is ‘normally’ inhabited by another parent. Much like myself, Nicole fights to make sense of her circumstances, exploring the social, industrial and natural world in a journey of self-discovery. The film investigates how and who we choose to inhabit in our lives, both present and absent. It speaks to both young and old alike, who have lost, misplaced, or are missing a person who has been part of their life story.

    Produced by: Adele Barach, Savanah Leaf
    Cast: Savanna Small
  • Josh Beck
    2016, 14m, drama

    An East L.A. kid has an altercation with an auto shop owner while skateboarding home from school. He spends the rest of the evening with his older cousin.

    Produced by: Josh Beck, Shereen Younes, Ani Easton Baker
    Cast: Aaron Galindo, Luis Sagastume, Ani Easton Baker
  • Minha Kim
    2015, 7m, animation, drama

    On the verge of becoming a woman, Sora is woken by a nightmare and decides to follow a group of men into the city in the hope of finding her mom.

    Produced by: Jacob Thomas
    Cast: Sora- Rachel Park, Sunyi- Sohhee Kim, Mother- Se-jung Shin
  • Stephen W. Martin
    2015, 16m, comedy, horror, romance

    Dead Hearts is a whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss, taxidermy, kung fu, and biker werewolves.

    Produced by: Stephen W. Martin and Alex Glua
  • Sean Meehan
    2016, 14m, history, mystery, thriller

    Lost Face is a classic story by legendary writer Jack London about a man out of place and out of time. In mid-1800’s Russian America, Subienkow finds himself the second-to-last survivor of a group of Russian fur-thieves who have just been defeated by liberators from the local tribe they have enslaved as forced labour. Now Subienkow faces a long, protracted and painful death unless he can come up with a plan for escape. Subienkow calls over the tribe’s chief, Makamuk and he begins to barter...

    Produced by: Sam McGarry
    Cast: Martin Dubreuil, Gerald Auger, Morris Birdyellowhead
  • Lukasz Konopa
    2012, 7m, documentary

    After is a film about contemporary life in Auschwitz. In an observation from dusk till dawn, it portrays the theatre of everyday life around the grim confines and captures the energies and activities of a world fascinated by this former concentration camp.

    Produced by: Lukasz Konopa
  • Javian Le
    2016, 10m, drama

    An interracial couple faces social tensions in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The film follows the perspective of Harpreet, a young Sikh-American man, as he cautiously navigates a sudden climate of fear and dangerous assumptions.

    Produced by: Mimi Jeffries, Joseph Mazzella
    Cast: Sathya Sridharan, Olivia Gilliatt, Moti Margolin, Andrew MacLarty
  • David Hutchinson
    2016, 11m, documentary

    In Nairobi, over 60,000 children are living and working on the streets. At the heart of the slums, an organization called Made in the Streets offers street kids education and an opportunity to regain control of their lives. Despite the hardships these children have endured, many of these children still approach life with extraordinary joy. In "How Far I Want to Go," four of them explain why.

    Produced by: David Hutchinson, Safeena Padder
  • Matthew Palmer
    2016, 7m, documentary, history, war

    “…take out their families…” -President-elect Donald Trump The 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force gives the President almost unlimited authority to bomb, detain, and monitor just about anyone, anywhere. It has yet to be amended or repealed. Featuring interviews with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Former Secretary of State and Director of the CIA Leon Panetta, and others.

  • Pedro Martin-Calero
    2016, 5m, drama, mystery, thriller

    For almost 2 years the people of the village of Kalachi, Kazakhstan have started to faint and fall asleep without any reason. They wake up between two and six days later, drowsy with only memories drawn from their nightmarish dreams. The government have sent their best scientists to resolve the enigma but only to find no solution or cause. All their tests have led to nothing and no one knows what causes the deep sleep. Pedro M-C takes inspiration from this real life phenomenon in his short 'We Are Awake' which addresses the relationship between fear of the unknown and the human condition.

    Produced by: Paul Weston, Corin Taylor
    Cast: Frederick Schmidt
  • Ryan Barger
    2015, 11m, comedy, family

    A father buys his young daughter a pet hamster. When the hamster dies unexpectedly, they have a frank discussion about death, life, and humanity's often futile search for meaning in the universe.

  • Nicolas Lefaucheux
    2016, 1m, animation

    During the summer of 2016, We created and directed a video about unsatisfying situations: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so painful to live or even to watch.

    Produced by: Parellel Studio
  • Trang Doan
    2016, 3m, experimental

    An experimental film is about how people express their depression through dancing.

    Produced by: Trang Doan
    Cast: Erik Søyland, Jens Aamodt, Ingvild F. Johnsen, Celeste Magallanes, Linda Bottolfs, Bjarte Hiley
  • Jesse Gustafson
    2015, 15m, drama, thriller, war

    Day 39 is the story of THE KID, a young American soldier on foot patrol in a remote region of Afghanistan. When an Afghan Grandmother, ZARMINA, requests help from his platoon for a medical emergency, the Kid is sent into a dark mud hut to assist DOC, a seasoned medic, with a young pregnant woman. Doc and the Kid must take extreme measures to try and save the mother and child, despite cultural obstacles inside the hut, and unseen yet ever-present dangers outside.

    Produced by: Joshua Cohen
    Cast: John Brodsky, Dion Mucciacito, Pooya Mohseni
  • Naleb
    2016, 2m, animation, sci-fi

    A girl struggles with the attraction generated by portals to other worlds. A reflection about addictive behaviors done during a workshop in collaboration with Hopital Camille Claudel (Angouleme).

  • Thordur Palsson
    2016, 8m, horror, mystery, thriller

    An illegal underground game is played where the stakes are life or death.

    Produced by: Thordur Palsson
    Cast: Ciaran Kallgren, Sion Lloyd
  • Bruce Smolanoff
    2015, 14m, comedy, drama

    MUCK is a dramatic short film about Mel, a 20-year old female open mic comedian who lives with her tabloid-obsessed mother in Queens. Abandoned by her father and born into a family of unfulfilled hopes and dreams, Mel is a bottled fight waiting to erupt. Her one outlet is through stand up comedy, which she sees as her only viable escape from her bleak existence. She misguidedly seeks validation and acceptance from a misogynistic male comedian and is determined to make her mark as she navigates the late night, off the grid open mic scene.

    Produced by: Caitlin Mae Burke, Emilie McDonald
    Cast: Tallie Medel, Pat Dixon, Suzanne Grodner
  • Andrew Niblo
    2016, 11m, drama, horror, mystery

    Julia gets more than she bargained for when she takes a job housesitting for the mysterious agency securities.

    Produced by: Ivana Dzaferovic, Shona Wass, Andrew Niblo
    Cast: Bianca Buha
  • Fabio Petronilli
    2016, 38m, documentary

    In recent years, Lisbon has become one of the European Cities with the larger tourism growth. Each year, 6 million people come to visit the Portuguese capital: 200.000 tourists every day. Tourism brings opportunities in a city heavily hit by global crisis, but in the meanwhile, the city is basically disappearing: over the last 30 years, Lisbon lost about 300.000 inhabitants and today only 12.000 persons live in the city center. The opportunity is its economical development, but the risk is the lost of its identity.

    Produced by: Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory (Tilburg)
  • Phuong Mai Nguyen
    2014, 12m, animation, drama, family

    The story of “My Home” came from this obsessive idea of a mysterious man with a bird’s head, who interferes in the exclusive relationship between a seven year-old boy and his mother. The film is based on Hugo’s unique point of view; we see things through his eyes. We identify with Hugo and follow him through this sudden upheaval. The subject of a recomposed family is approached from an unexpected perspective between sourness and poetry, full of images and emotions familiar to each one of us.

    Produced by: Richard Van Den Boom
  • Benoit Mannequin
    2015, 2m, action, comedy

    A man is trying to get home after a long day at work.

    Produced by: Zak Thornborough, MPC Creative USA
    Cast: Tim Hoffman
  • Michael Litwak
    2016, 16m, drama, family, fantasy

    A story of a mother attempting to help her autistic son transition into the real world.

    Produced by: Sara'o Bery, Taylor Shung
    Cast: Caroline Lagerfelt, Will Dagger, Leo Gibbs
  • Ignas Meilunas
    2016, 2m, animation, comedy, family

    Unsatisfied, Mr. Night is walking around the town changing all things to black until everything is dark as night.

    Produced by: Ignas Meilunas
  • Calvin Reeder
    2016, 4m, comedy, horror, mystery

    A man is captured and forced to endure a strange experiment.

    Produced by: Christian Palmer
    Cast: Christian Palmer, Frank Mosley
  • Kevork Aslanyan
    2015, 22m, comedy, drama, sci-fi

    In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment he shares with his father Atanas. One day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will change Constantine’s life forever.

  • Tarik Karam
    2014, 10m, drama, experimental, horror

    A grieving woman moves into a new apartment and discovers an amorphous, mold like spot on the walls. As she settles into her new home, she is forced to confront the spot which refuses to go away.

    Produced by: Grace Rex, Benjamin Fuqua
    Cast: Grace Rex
  • Great Big Story
    2016, 24m, documentary

    Three paralyzed men take up one of sailing’s most grueling challenges—a 750 mile race to Alaska through some of the most treacherous and remote waters on the planet. With no motors allowed and many miles from any help, the competition can be too dangerous for the world’s most fearless sailors. This team is out to prove they have what it takes to finish. A film by Great Big Films. This Really Great Big Story was made in collaboration with our friends at CNN Films. It is one of 12 short films that we will be releasing throughout the year. Stay tuned for more!

    Produced by: Great Big Films
  • Haya Waseem
    2015, 15m, drama

    After moving to the city, Alyssa finds herself inexplicably drawn to her neighbor, Chloe. Pull is a film exploring longing, change, and ultimately acceptance.

    Cast: Paula Brancati, Chloe Rose, Raymond Ablack
  • Patrick Biesemans
    2016, 11m, drama, family, sci-fi

    On the evening of October 30th, 1938 Orson Welles’ voice traveled far across the radio waves, bringing word of an invading alien army from Mars. The theatricality and delivery of the performance, along with recent memories of the Hindenburg disaster (one year prior), sent many listeners into a panic. Unfortunate coincidence would fall upon the town of Concrete WA where, at the height of the invading alien attack, a power transformer blew out sending the entire town and surrounding areas into darkness.

    Produced by: Stephanie Cohen, Jeff Croghan
    Cast: Henry Gagliardi, Joel Nagle, Virginia Logan
  • Christopher Bell
    2016, 14m, drama

    A lonely immigrant from Syria begins a friendship with a potentially dishonest American amputee.

    Cast: Ahmad Chahrour, Mike D
  • Josh Polon
    2016, 9m, adventure, crime, documentary

    Andy Goes In tells the behind-the-scenes story of the widely publicized 2015 undercover investigation of a factory farm that supplies McDonald's. The investigation led to convictions for animal abuse and public apologies from both Tyson and McDonald's. Using hidden camera footage, the film shows us how "Andy" used cunning and charm to infiltrate Tyson's #1 supplier. We are used to seeing short videos of animal abuse; what we don't see is the dangerous work it takes to get that footage to the public. Andy gains the trust of his employers -- then betrays them to protect the animals he loves.

    Produced by: David Sauvage
    Cast: Andy
  • Jeremy Robbins
    2014, 19m, action, history, thriller

    His older brother needs him to grow up, but Jem just wants to be a kid. As they struggle to survive in a new, predatory ice age, two brothers wrestle with their responsibilities and with each other, and learn what it means to call a place home.

    Produced by: Kalie Watch, Brandon Zuck, Daniel Grossman
    Cast: Noah Robbins, Will Rogers
  • Thea Gajic
    2016, 7m, drama, romance

    Within a humorous yet delicate take on male indecision, soft tones and articulate glances quietly assert the indomitable strength of feminine vulnerability.

  • Ben Phethean
    2016, 13m, comedy, documentary

    Seen through the eyes of eccentric front man, Seb Pietrovito, a struggling artist and illustrator from Mile End, the l film not only explores the often-ridiculous exertions and sacrifices made by Ezra Sound to keep their dream alive, but also illustrates the plight of the Unsigned Band on the whole in the merciless climate of the modern music industry. The Lamest Band I Ever Saw is an authentic, earnest and amusing journey to the essence of musical creativity that, at it’s heart, attempts to illustrate what it means to suffer for your art.

    Cast: Seb Pietrovito, Xander Pietrovito, Thom Dinsdale, Josh Greenwood
  • Chris de Krijger, Mischa Dols
    2015, 11m, comedy, experimental, romance

    When a man in his late-forties gets a fatal accident he arrives at the pearly gates. Over there he gets to know he can relive one earthly memory. What will he choose? A deadpan tale packed with detailed events.

    Produced by: Chris de Krijger
    Cast: Bart de Rijk, Henry van Loon, Romy Gevers
  • Todd Wiseman
    2016, 5m, action, drama, thriller

    A terror attack unfolds in New York City.

  • Max Barbakow
    2016, 23m, comedy, drama, sport

    Sidelined by concussions, ex-NFL linebacker J.P. “The Duke” Duke denies the magnitude of his injuries while clinging to gridiron glory. But when J.P.'s pregnant wife, Aubrey, hosts a Super Bowl bash, he faces the realities of life on the sidelines: stodgy neighbors, nacho cheeses, and the looming responsibilities of fatherhood. Stifled by suburbia, J.P. desperately seeks out Wayne Tuttle, his longtime agent and last link to past triumphs. But with Wayne missing in action and the clock winding down, J.P. must dig deep for one last goal line stand.

    Produced by: Dan Leonard
    Cast: LaMonica Garrett
  • Craig Rasmus
    2016, 5m, biography, comedy, documentary

    As a 15 year old, George Cruickshank established his own country in his parent’s backyard as a way to peacefully object to the politics surrounding the Cold War. He called this country the Empire of Atlantium. Now thirty five years later, George - otherwise known as Emperor George II, is the leader of a country which has grown to encompass its own territory, government, currency, post office, flag, national anthem and citizenship of over 3500 citizens. In an engaging and humorous way, this film tells the story of George, his Empire, and his motivations behind it all.

    Produced by: Rita Gagliardi
    Cast: George Cruickshank
  • TItouan Bordeau
    2016, 2m, animation, drama, experimental

    In an old factory, two employees discuss about the trouble happened the last day.

  • Adam Rosenberg
    2016, 4m, comedy, documentary, experimental

    When I found out that I talk in my sleep, I decided to start recording myself. So I placed a microphone over my bed and recorded my sleep talking nearly every night for a year. After combing through many hours of audio, I whittled down the funniest/strangest bits to showcase in this video.

    Cast: Adam Rosenberg
  • Bryan M. Ferguson
    2016, 1m, comedy, drama

    An angsty 17 year old girl sucker punches her parent’s hopes for her future by aspiring to donate her skeleton to gelatine.

    Produced by: Bryan M. Ferguson
    Cast: Louise McWilliams
  • Morgan Heim
    2016, 5m, documentary

    For 40 years, billy barr has lived alone in small cabin in one of the coldest places in the United States – the ghost town of Gothic, CO. With no goals of proving anything, or even knowledge that the climate was changing, billy started collecting data about snowpack to pass the time in his isolated part of the world. When climate researchers at the Gothic-based Rocky Mountain Biological Lab discovered billy’s decades of detailed records, they uncovered clear and compelling evidence of climate change.

    Produced by: Day's Edge Productions
    Cast: billy barr
  • Igor Kosenko, Dani Fotuny
    2016, 5m, documentary

    Five Japanese girls meet in Los Angeles. They are far from home but they have same goal, chase the dream of becoming hip hop dancers.

    Produced by: Igor Kosenko, Dani Fortuny
    Cast: Ami Sugano Miya Nakagawa Hazuki Nabana Sawako Okumura Yui Furuya
  • Samuel Jorgensen
    2015, 9m, action, sci-fi

    In the midst of a war between humans and sentient androids, a Delta Force team must battle a dangerous enemy to rescue the US President.

    Produced by: Jeremy Pronk
  • Santiago 'Bou' Grasso
    2008, 6m, animation

    A man performs his usual trip to work, immersed in a world where the use of people is an everyday thing.

    Produced by: Patricio Plaza
  • Peter Stebbings
    2014, 99m, drama, family

    Going home was never an option for single mother Lena Mahikan (Cara Gee). But when her 13-year-old, Peeka (Shay Eyre) overdoses in the streets of Toronto, she is forced to return home to her estranged mother and face a life-long legacy of shame and resentment. Empire of Dirt is a story about second chances and summoning the power of family to soothe the pain of cyclical damage.

    Cast: Cara Gee, Shay Eyre, Jennifer Podemski, Luke Kirby, Jordan Prentice, Michael Cram
  • Richard Rossmann
    2011, 80m, biography, documentary, family

    "The day I stop work is the day I die!" When my grandfather died in 1958, my grandmother Thresl took on the farm and inn at Harhamhof, high in the Austrian Alps. Day-in, day-out, she works the farm and runs the guesthouse. Next April she will be 100 years old, yet for her guests, she remains mistress of a timeless world. But not everyone likes how Thresl manages the Harhamhof. Thresl’s determination to keep working denies her son, Hans, his chance to take over. A documentary about persistence, will power and dignity of old age.

    Produced by: Richard Rossmann
    Cast: Thresl Handl, Maria Pichler, Maresa Handl, Hans Handl
  • Jorge Ortigoza
    2016, 95m, drama, family

    Tzion, a peaceful and prosperous town, built upon the obedience of a family to the voice of the Creator, is now in danger. The “Worldwide Progress Organization” is plotting a plan to destabilize it and take hold of its precious resources. The plan is launched just when the family of Isaac and Ruth Tzionson, second generation since the foundation, inherits the administration of the town and makes the commitment to look after it. Josiah, only son of Isaac and Ruth, is tested to remain faithful in a time were everybody doubts the purpose of the town. Josiah is called to fight the battle of life.

    Produced by: Grazziella Ortigoza
  • Todd Verow
    2000, 76m, comedy, drama, musical

    Anti-Matter (Philly) is the queen of nothing, the ruler of nowhere, the monarch of cyphers- in other words, she’s too cool for you- but can you put her up for the night? Drifting through the Lower East Side like the death rattle echoes of rock and roll, she’s on a desperate, desolate mission to get her band together and finally conquer something, anything. Her manic manipulations and chaotic philosophies never seem to gel in the present- she’s either a step behind or two steps ahead- but never where she really sees herself to be- wherever that is.

    Produced by: Todd Verow, James Derek Dwyer, Philly Abe
    Cast: Philly Abe,
  • Frank Matter
    2013, 95m, documentary

    More and more people live in their own homes until old age. At home, they feel comfortable and certainly more independent than in an institution. «From One Day To The Next» follows four elderly people in Switzerland through their everyday lives, observing how they cope with a gradual loss of autonomy. Even as they become increasingly dependent on outside help they insist on staying at home. But it seems inevitable that sooner or later, even against their will, they will have to move to a nursing home.

    Produced by: Frank Matter, soap factory GmbH - Basel, Switzerland
  • The 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinly Dorje
    2014, 61m, documentary

    Tormas are a unique form of Tibetan art using butter to create rich and radiant forms, beautiful in themselves and spiritually significant. Sculpted by initiated practitioners with absolute devotion, tormas are a link between the human and spiritual realms. Illuminating Vajrayana Buddhism through the lens of tormas, this film documents weeks of preparation for the Kagyu Prayer Festival in Bodhgaya, as well as a Mahakala ritual in Nepal involving tormas and sacred dance. "Torma" features interviews with the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, His Eminence Gyaltsab Rinpoche, Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche, and more.

    Produced by: Robert Bryant, Jacek Rosa, Yeshe Wangmo, Michele Martin, Jason Petersen
  • Ahmed Khawaja & Andre Puca
    2016, 105m, comedy, documentary, experimental

    Nursing a broken heart from his first breakup, Ahmed decides heʼs going to be homeless—this is his naïve, lovesick attempt to get over the girl whose name is the inspiration for this filmʼs title. Being the hopeless romantic that he is, Ahmed wants to document his days living as a change peddler. He does so thinking that he will end up making a film about his adventures and finally exorcise the memory of Kassandra. But, Ahmed abandons this first film when the fancy strikes him to make another movie instead, a movie about his breakup.

  • Jon Alston
    2014, 85m, crime, film-noir, thriller

    The lives of Tonio (Morgado), his petty crook best friend, TC (Heredia), and his beautiful lover Cleo (Evangelista) are tightly woven together in this downwardly spiraling thriller. RED BUTTERFLY is the story of two star-crossed lovers, Tonio and Cleo, whose lives get caught in the crosshairs of TC's hellish nightmare.

    Cast: Diogo Morgado, Christine Evangelista, Wilson J. Heredia, Laurence Mason, Byrdie Bell
  • Ashley Raymer-Brown
    2016, 94m, comedy, drama, family

    Katherine Sherard has worked hard for her solitary life. She has no close family, rarely dates, and has only a small handful of friends- just the way she likes it. That is, until she meets Audrey Adler, an outgoing, high-spirited 17-year-old who reveals herself to be Katherine's half sister in desperate need of a home. Now with the responsibility of raising her newly discovered sister, Katherine's world is turned upside down. Through a series of events, it seems as though Katherine needs Audrey to help her through life's struggles as much as Audrey needs her.

    Produced by: Ashley Raymer-Brown, Rachael Yeager, Justin Tyler Franklin, Brian Douglas Barker
    Cast: Ashley Raymer-Brown, Paige Campbell, Duke Thomas Low, Rachael Yeager, Ben Fabish, Brian Douglas Barker, Timothy Jermaine Ellis, Sr., Mark Smeby
  • Rasanga Weerasinghe
    2015, 88m, drama, romance, thriller

    Kamara, already in a relationship with Becky, wants to explore more things in life. She goes on a date with Vincent, a conservative hot-tempered single man, who was forced to go on the date by his nerdy friend, Skinner. They instantly connect and life seems too good to be true for the couple. Kamara’s hidden past is revealed when gang members confront the couple and a fight ensues. As Becky is tormented by the changes within her partner, Vincent and Kamara endure a traumatic event that will change their lives forever.

    Produced by: Rasanga Weerasinghe, Rama Jabri, Eranga Hemajith, Jon Suk
    Cast: Erin Keller, Jaylee Hamidi, Nick Thorp, Christoph Koniczek, Michael Ian Farrell
  • Jason Ferrell
    2012, 90m, drama

    Pastor Gary moves back to his childhood hometown to reunite with his very successful friends who have it all. Pastor Gary sees that his life is not at all anywhere closer to being perfect and begins to question his choice in becoming a man of God.

    Produced by: Andre Dos Santos, Moustapha El-Khalil
    Cast: Keith Weber, Amber Washington, Will Williams, Wiley, Aarika Foulnston, Jason Lodge, Lisa Cullen, Jewel Greenberg
  • Denton Adams
    2013, 106m, drama

    Set in Washington, DC, Rodney (Denton Adams), embarks on a trip around the world, although unbeknownst to everyone close to him know his real reason to leave the states. Orlando (Juhahn Jones), a ladies-man wakes up to alarming symptoms of an STD. Aaliyah (Jennah Hughes) encourages and supports Kim (Lauren Blackwell) who recently received discouraging test results. As they all deal with their personal demons, they come together to wish Rodney the best and goodbye at his going-away party—where truths and reality clash amongst them all.

    Produced by: Denton Adams, Anthony Sydnor, Darcelle Anderson, Michael Gomes
    Cast: Denton Adams, Juhahn Jones, Jennah Hughes, Lauren Blackwell
  • Gary Blackwood
    2016, 112m, drama, mystery

    Carol Petty is the perfect stay-at-home mom. She's very good at making sure her husband , Lloyd, and their eight-year-old son, Shawn, get where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there, that they eat right, that their home is immaculate. But when Shawn is kidnapped from school, her well-organized world falls apart. After weeks without a single lead, not even a ransom note, Carol takes matters into her own hands. She appeals for help to burned-out psychic Michael McFall.

    Produced by: Tony De Coste
    Cast: Steven Wark, Amanda Jefferson-Gillis, Norm Ferguson, Rick Shaver
  • Miguel Santesmases
    2016, 92m, comedy, experimental, romance

    A few summer days in the life of Madrilean photographer who is not doing so well lately. He is house-sitting for someone who is out of the country and decides to pass himself off as the owner of the house as a way to seduce female tourists.

    Produced by: Miguel Santesmases
    Cast: Víctor Vidal, Rocío Leon, Melissa Riggal, Grace Doniz, Bernabé Fernandez
  • Enrique Pérez Him
    2011, 90m, adventure, comedy

    Joel is a 28 year old slacker who lives with his father and only cares about drinking beer and playing his guitar. On this particular day, his routine is drastically interrupted, as his sister asks him to take care of her young son. Joel accepts the imposed task, but things get complicated when his nephew disappears from his house without leaving any trace.

    Produced by: Vilma Liella, Domingo Lemus, Daneri Gudiel
    Cast: Domingo Lemus, Gretchen Barnéond, Roberto Díaz Gomar, Cesia Godoy, Daneri Gudiel, Brenda Lara Markus
  • Ryan Max O'Melia
    2014, 77m, comedy, documentary, experimental

    Reality is bent in this unique examination of a man striving for success as a comedian. Thomas Kellogg is a mechanic in Irvine who is sometimes an actor in Hollywood... He's been on TV twice. Thomas makes an R&B song with longtime friend, Kyle Newacheck (co-creator of Comedy Central's Workaholics), and together they launch a music video submission contest using Twitter, in which contestants participate to win the prize - Thomas Kellogg slam-dunking a basketball off of a trampoline in their hometown - and they're gonna film the whole thing. Will this fail like everything else Thomas touches?

    Produced by: Kyle Newacheck, Thomas Kellogg, Ryan Max O'Melia
    Cast: Thomas Kellogg, Ryan Max O'Melia, Kyle Newacheck, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm
  • Jason Begue
    2013, 79m, crime, drama, thriller

    (Franco Yañez) arrives in Brooklyn only to discover that the faint promise of opportunity which brought him there has vanished. When a local bohemian (Omer Barnea) offers him a place to stay, he humbly accepts. Such good fortune is cut short, however, when he discovers that his host has died in his sleep.

    Produced by: Jason Begue , Derek Weissbein , Elise Siegel
    Cast: Omer Barnea, Franco Yañez , Alice Bahlke
  • Fiona Cochrane
    2008, 115m, drama, thriller

    Lies. Betrayal. Blackmail. Murder. Four different women, each with a well-hidden secret they are coaxed, tricked or forced into revealing. Through a veil of lies all four flirt with the truth as they experience betrayal, ambition, loneliness, pain and anger. But the lies they tell themselves might be the ones that hurt the most.

    Produced by: Fiona Cochrane & Leverne McDonnell
    Cast: Leverne McDonnell, Gail Watson, Nina Landis & Louise Siversen
  • Brendan Kane
    2016, 93m, drama

    In this stark yet nuanced drama, 21-year-old Lucy (Caylie Kalmbach,) spends an increasingly overwhelming week struggling to gain her footing after learning she is pregnant. Having grown up with an absentee father, Lucy is determined not to make any child suffer through the same, and sets about evaluating a number of young men she knows for their fatherly potential. Making matters worse, Lucy is reluctant to approach what otherwise should be her main source of support, her mother and sister, for fear that their religious conservatism will render them more judgmental than helpful.

    Produced by: Brendan Kane, Nick Wessel
    Cast: Caylie Rae Kalmbach, Erin Rooney, Janina Martin, Luke Sorge, Cougar Littlefield, Kevon Ward
  • Francis Xavier
    2016, 149m, horror, romance, thriller

    Robert and Taylor Usher expect to be happy in their new home in Northridge, California where years ago, murder destroyed the former residents. It doesn’t matter to the Ushers, until those who caused the deaths come back, those that live in the earth, those that need, those that are not human. The Ushers house stands between them and what they must have. THEY'RE BACK.

    Produced by: Francis Xavier, Jo Ann Smith, Lance Bowling
    Cast: Francis Xavier, Sonia Monroy, Serena Lorien, Sal Landi, Lisa London, Riya Ray
  • Nic Collins
    2015, 56m, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi

    Year of the Snake follows a lovable, childish alien named Snake who is sent to earth to kill a lonely stoner named V. V’s kindness makes Snake reconsider his mission, and they become the best of friends. As Snake and V band together to defeat the forces of evil, Snake learns that being a human is a little harder than he thought.

    Produced by: Nic Collins, Danny Backer
    Cast: Patrick Lindhorst, Danny Backer, Aaron Fronk, Audrey Nilssen, Orlando Lara, Cooper Johnson, Vinny DeGaetano
  • Jeff Stephenson
    2009, 97m, comedy, drama, romance

    Sam (Harrington) surprises his old NYU college friends (Robertson, Estes, Mabrey, Abrahams, Henson) when he shows up at a wedding in Athens, Georgia. He hasn’t been seen or heard from in years -- traveling the world alone since Amy (Robertson) left him. He returns to find the once tight-knit group fractured, having drifted apart after graduation and 9/11.

    Produced by: Jane Kelly Kosek
    Cast: Desmond Harrington, Kathleen Robertson, Christian Kane, Will Estes, Sunny Mabrey, Jonny Abrahams, Elden Henson, Sara Rue, Liane Balaban, Barry Corbin
  • Joseph Spence
    2014, 61m, biography, drama, musical

    Sing The Blues is the story of Travis Preston, an aging artist and troubadour who as a teenager in the eighties was considered by many in the music industry to be the 'Next Big Thing.'Now 25 years later he continues to write and play music in spite of an industry that has left him behind and in spite ofhis struggle to even survive. After receiving a call that his former bass player Adam has died, he borrows a car from his father and sets out for Nashville to play for the celebration of life gathering. At the gathering, he reconnects with his other band-mates and is forced to confront his past.

    Produced by: Joseph Spence, David Parrett
    Cast: Judson Spence
  • Scout Tafoya
    2016, 78m, drama, romance

    After Jane sleeps with Roderick, the man of her dreams, she's shocked to discover he's been keeping a long term relationship with another woman a secret from her. Suddenly everything about their relationship is a lie and she has no equilibrium. How could he do this to her? She sets about investigating his cheating heart by sitting down with him in conversation and refusing to leave until she's satisfied with what he has to say for himself. I Am No Bird is an examination of age old romantic problems in a modern setting.

    Produced by: Scout Tafoya, Michelle Siracusa, Nick Smerkanich, Tucker Johnson
    Cast: Michelle Siracusa, Nick Smerkanich, Theodora Blasko
  • Chuck Rayner
    2015, 57m, horror, thriller

    This horrifying film will keep audiences on the edge of their seats as they watch a family endure an unforgettable night of terror. Three brothers, their family, and their girlfriends, are haunted by a past accident. As strange unexplained occurrences happen, each of them are tested to their limit of belief of what happened, even two random stranded girls can't escape this unexplained phenomenon.

    Produced by: Chuck Rayner
    Cast: Michael Scalzitti, Dave Polgar, Ellay Watson, Rachel Alig, Cortland Tate, Mally Corrigan, Mark Cook, Bessie Amato, Mike Gray, Alexandria Wilson McGill, Sharyn Pak Withers, Caitlyn McDonald, Lori Ann Johnson, Leanna Billings
  • Roch-Denis Gagnon
    2012, 115m, film-noir, sci-fi

    A young woman by the name of Stella Morris is recruited by a mysterious corporation known as REDSHIFT INC., a dark and dangerous organization that is in charge of the regulation and degradation of universal entities, microcosmic, macro-cosmic and everything in between. Through various assignments Stella comes to terms with its grand and sinister purpose, its treacherous employees, and her new-found role as a corporate entropist.

    Produced by: Adrian Bobb, Roch-Denis Gagnon
    Cast: Jessica McGovern, Alex Goldrich
  • Adolf El Assal
    2016, 85m, comedy, fantasy, romance

    Steven is 23. He's still at high school, special needs. But he's smart, funny and very entertaining. When his class wins a trip to Portugal, all hell breaks loose. It's a coming-of-age road trip with booze, babes, crime and counterfeiting.

    Produced by: Adolf El Assal
    Cast: Godié, Nytt, Taipan, Caty Baccega
  • Bum-shik JUNG, Dae-woong LIM, Ji-young HONG, Gok KIM, Sun KIM
    2012, 109m, horror

    A teenager is abducted and forced to tell the scariest tales she knows, leading to this anthology of four stories: a brother and sister are under siege while home alone; a killer escapes police custody mid-flight; step-sisters take plastic surgery to nightmarishly macabre extremes; a paramedic and mother standoff over her infected young daughter.

    Produced by: Jin-Soo MIN, Won-Kuk KIM
    Cast: Bo-Ra NAM, Hyeon-Soo KIM, Ji-Young KIM, Tai-Hyun ZIN, Soo-Bin BAE
  • Sacha Bodiroga
    2015, 109m, drama, experimental, romance

    ARMOR is a kind of neo-realistic, social drama that does not follow all the rules of the genre. A movie about the fear of the Future, about the choices we all have to make during this fuzzy period between the teenage-hood and the beginning of the adulthood. Alan lives in a small village in Brittany (France) and Mona is the small ray of sunlight that seems to help him out of the boring social life he has, with no joyful perspectives. Everything goes very fast for Alan, the sell of the illegal alcohol gives him hope to run away from his town.

    Produced by: Sacha Bodiroga, Flavia Nicolo
    Cast: Louis Sers, Marie Cluzet, Richard Jayez
  • Vincent Lodder, Jonathan Kray
    2015, 71m, adventure, drama, experimental

    When Coen gets a disturbing call from a clinic in Bangkok informing him that his brother David is seriously ill, he finds himself unable to contact him. Nobody knows where David is until Coen receives a video message from him traveling through Asia. Many more will follow and Coen notices the video messages getting stranger by the day until they stop being sent altogether. David has gone missing and after a month of uncertainty and nightmares, Coen decides to follow the footsteps of his brother to find out what happened to him.

    Produced by: Vincent Lodder
    Cast: Vincent Lodder, Jonathan Kray
  • Brian Lim
    2013, 107m, crime, drama, romance

    Chasing FIre is a story of an ill-fated couple who must face and find the resolution to their own destinies. Chasing Fire surpasses the commonplace of two people defining love. Living behind the shadow of her mother, Kristin falls in love with Shane, an aspiring musician, whom she soon discovers to have something innately in common with her. Chasing Fire does not only exemplify finding love and happiness, it also accentuates discovering oneself and delving into life as it is- a reality that most people don’t normally live in.

    Produced by: Jewel Chua
    Cast: Anthea Murfet, Richard Herrera, Gigette Reyes
  • Vanessa Crocini
    2012, 76m, documentary

    Shot across 3 slums in Kenya, the documentary takes audiences inside the lives and everyday struggles of the members of GtoG (Get Together Girls), a community project helping former street girls to become fashion designers. Founded by a former accountant, Grace Orsolato who left her position at an established Italian firm to give hope, skills and opportunity to Kenyan street girls, GtoG reveals an uplifting and inspirational journey full of cultural differences, dreams and sacrifices that pave the way to a better future.

    Produced by: Vasco Rossi
    Cast: Grace Orsolato and the GtoG girls
  • Yuki Kuwazuru
    2015, 82m, drama, horror, thriller

    A little creepy human drama from Japan. Miyabe and Soga who work for the city health department obtain information that Eri Yamamoto who is a career of mad man disease disappears. During their investigation, Eri's sister Yui implicates them that Eri died of an air raid some days ago. They suspend the investigation, but they find out that Yui and her boyfriend Inoue has been sheltering Eri at home.

    Produced by: Taro Imai
    Cast: Miyuki Osaki, Yui Sawada, Kosuke Komura, Kota Nakano, Yukio Okamura
  • Henry Nader
    2016, 91m, drama, thriller

    A guy in his mid 20s named Joe gets into trouble after he sticks up for a kid at the park. Joe lives with his mother and the two have a lukewarm relationship at best. Joe has strange dreams. Joe is troubled. His past. His future. The evil that is surely out there somewhere. The evil that lives in his subconscious. Joe goes for a walk, buys a few scratch off tickets then witnesses a murder in an alley way. He ends up at a bar where he runs into a guy named Frankie,. Then things get kind of strange.....

  • Sean Ackerman
    2012, 82m, drama, romance, thriller

    On the day of his college graduation, Preston Plummer cannot think of a single thing he really loves. Adrift, Preston follows a beautiful but troubled young woman to a small island town where he begins to fall for her, but it all threatens to fall apart when he uncovers her family's dark past.

    Produced by: Jane Kelly Kosek
    Cast: Trevor Morgan, Rumer Willis, Robert Loggia, Erin Dilly, Christopher Cousins
  • Sonny Laguna, Tommy Wiklund
    2012, 95m, horror, thriller

    This Swedish homage to Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead (1982) is a bloody, scary tale of demonic possession. A group of naive young people find their carefree weekend in an isolated country house unhinged when one of them accidentally unleashes a mysterious and murderous creature trapped in the basement. As the demon begins to attack the couples, the blood-dredged body count mounts and with it, more creatures out for a taste of human flesh, freshly killed.

    Produced by: David Liljeblad, Tommy Wiklund
    Cast: Patrik Almkvist, Lisa Henni, Patrick Saxe, Amanda Renberg, Max Wallmo, Jessica Blomkvist, Anna Henriksson, Johannes Brost, Fredrik Dolk, A.R Hellquist, Ingar Sigvardsdotter, Ralf Beck, Sanna Ekman, Julia Knutson
  • Andrew Bemis
    2015, 119m, comedy, drama, romance

    Most Likely is an ensemble comedy that revolves around the wedding of Kurt and Chloe, a free-spirited couple that, instead of planning a traditional wedding, decide to invite their closest friend to Kurt’s family’s vacation house in northern New Hampshire for the weekend. Unfolding over the course of the weekend leading up to Chloe and Kurt’s nuptials, wine is poured (and other substances are imbibed), old friendships are tested and new relationships begin.

    Produced by: Jennifer Beaudoin, Robert Brookes
    Cast: Rory Acres, Colin Allen, Jennifer Beaudoin, Andrew Bemis, Jessica Conger, Johnny Donaldson, Alex Tyler Fandel, Alisa Leigh, Destinie Ryan, Kevin Sandberg
  • Carl Lindbergh
    2014, 100m, comedy, horror

    Joe and Bunnyman's adventure continue in a rural ghost town. Bunnyman's blood lust knows no bounds, as he slaughters indiscriminately anything that crosses his path. Joe is all too happy to encourage Bunnyman's behavior, selling the dead victims as beef jerky in his local store. A mutually beneficial relationship with cracks that start to emerge. Bunnyman's body count is becoming more problematic, and Joe is forced to dispose of the bodies by any means necessary. A problem he exasperates by occasionally joining in on the rampage.

    Produced by: Carl Lindbergh
    Cast: David Scott, Joshua Lang
  • Ben Greenblatt
    2016, 76m, drama, romance, thriller

    On a trip to upstate New York, twenty-something Rebecca (Lindsay Burdge, A TEACHER) finds herself in between places. As the weekend unfolds with her fiancé Thomas (Will Brill, NOT FADE AWAY) and his friends Willy (Adam David Thompson) and Laura (Nathalie Love), Rebecca struggles through emotional uncertainty. Doubtful of her future with Thomas, she becomes intrigued by his best friend Willy’s bold advances. Nerves are pushed, wills broken, and secrets exposed. Their relationship tested, Thomas and Rebecca may never recover from this weekend.

    Produced by: Nick Shore, Brendan McHugh
    Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Will Brill, Adam David Thompson, Nathalie Love
  • Zeke Piestrup
    2014, 69m, biography, documentary, drama

    "There is no possibility that it will not happen!" Christian radio evangelist Harold Camping sounded the alarm. May 21, 2011 was to be Judgment Day, God's intervention into our worldly affairs. The billboards declared: The Bible guarantees it! From where does this Apocalyptic excitement originate? Apocalypse Later traces the roots of end times predictions from the Book of Daniel to the historical Jesus and lastly to Paul, the "greatest Apostle." The same excitement that Harold tapped into for his May 21st prediction is the same excitement that helped birth a world religion 2000 years ago.

    Produced by: Carl King, Sabrina Fox, Zeke Piestrup
    Cast: Harold Camping, Bart Ehrman, John J. Collins
  • Katrin Ottarsdóttir
    2014, 71m, drama

    Ludo is a psychologial drama taking place during a day and a night in the life of a young family living in a beautiful house by the sea in the village of Sandur in the Faroe Islands. At a first glance it seems like an ordinary, happy family - mum and dad and their 11-year-old daughter - but soon we realize that something dark and sinister lies lurking behind the facade.

    Produced by: Hugin Eide
    Cast: Lea Blaaberg, Hjálmar Dam, Hildigunn Eyðfinsdóttir
  • Russell Dornhecker
    2013, 112m, documentary

    The Hell City tattoo festival has inspired generations of tattoo artists and collectors and has built a tremendously strong community. Hell City, the documentary film, highlights the amazing world of tattooing, the history of the past and the future of the art of tattooing through in-depth interviews with today’s top tattoo artists and collectors. The film is 112 minutes of pure artistic inspiration, on and off of the body, and leaves the viewer with a sense of understanding and appreciation for an art form that is considered to be today's fastest growing art movement.

  • Nikolai Vanyo
    2014, 99m, comedy, drama, thriller

    Victor, a young commercial director living in New York, reluctantly returns to the boring California suburb where he grew up, in order to show off his successes at his high school reunion. While he's home, he reunites with his former best friend, David, who is showing signs of mental illness with paranoid delusions. Victor decides to stay around to help David through his issues by hiring actors to act out his delusions, so that together, they can defeat the forces that David thinks are out to get him, and bring their friendship back to the way it was before.

  • Dan Papa
    2013, 87m, drama, mystery, romance

    Maya and Leo are a young couple blissfully in love. As time passes and they grow distant, their mysterious dreams and fantasies begin to mirror the unraveling of their reality. They are forced to confront change and spiritual growth in order to keep their relationship from dying.

  • Larry Kirschner
    2015, 74m, drama, horror

    A psychiatrist and his inmate patient become engaged in a battle of good vs. evil in the mind. While the doctor is treating the inmate Eddie Craven, he realizes that Eddie has committed unthinkable crimes just like Eddie's father did years before. Yet, Eddie is a good person, but the demons seem unstoppable. The doctor, in attempting to help Eddie, realizes that he, Dr Jacobson,has become a victim of the same demons that have invaded Eddie. Can good overcome the demons, or will the killing continue?

  • Enrique Pérez Him
    2015, 85m, comedy, drama

    Joshua a successful young professional family accepts the challenge to keep his cousin Kenny off marijuana without disclosing to anyone that he also shares this vice. Together, Joshua and Kenny face a society governed by double standards and other societal addictions.

    Produced by: Isabella Gálvez, Enrique Pérez Him
    Cast: Milko Delgado, Erick De León, María Elena Mena, Alejandra Araúz, Raúl Rolla, Mileyka Rudas, Nyra Soberón Torchía, Natalie Medina, Winnie T. Sittón, Mr. Fox
  • Scout Tafoya
    2016, 154m, drama, experimental

    Just outside Philadelphia is a suburb full of trust fund kids and bored old men. In the heart of that suburb is a brothel run by women who are nothing more than a rite of passage to those men. House of Little Deaths explores every thing they do to get through a day, everything they hope for, everything they want to forget, everything they do to escape. A film about the mundane and bitter truth behind a world of fantasy.

    Produced by: Scout Tafoya, Benjamin Nangeroni, Jill Steelman
    Cast: Michelle Siracusa, Emily Crovella, Tessa Mania, Maggie Farrell, Valerie Yawien, Reina Capodici Guarini, Rebecca Mason
  • Tomas McBride
    2014, 92m, drama, romance, thriller

    An Arthouse Psychological-Thriller about a patient, Jackson, and a Psychiatrist, Kara. What Kara believes to be another arduous session with her patient quickly becomes false. He decides to tell her his deepest and darkest secrets. As she struggles to remain calm and collected, she must decide if he is in fact telling the truth and how far is she really willing to go to obtain it. However, it is not only Jackson's secrets that come to the surface but Kara's too. What is she hiding? Could she possibly be as lethal and dangerous as the man sitting before her?

    Produced by: Tomas McBride
    Cast: Dan Lack, Marie Louise Le Brun & Holly Brisley
  • Nico Peltier & Julien Fezans
    2013, 53m, documentary

    A portrait of the dark and tortured world of artist Matt Elliott, who opens up in rehearsals, interviews or writings. With disturbing clarity of expression, Elliott discusses his depression and the magic of inspiration, or reveals his heartfelt political opinions.

    Produced by: Nico Peltier & Julien Fezans
  • Danny Madden
    2013, 53m, drama, experimental, sci-fi

    Stale sounds of the suburbs send a teenager out with a sound recorder in search of better ones. Listening with this device he begins to build his own soundscape and drift away from his surroundings. His dependence on the recorder affects his relationship with a charismatic girl and he struggles to re-engage with the world around him.

    Produced by: Jim Cummings, Benjamin Wiessner
    Cast: Will Madden, Maria DeCotis
  • John Doan
    2013, 73m, action, fantasy, mystery

    Christopher, a young American, suffers from constant nightmares. His life suddenly changes when a group of people kidnap him and inform that his dreams are not an accident but a sign of hidden abilities. It is a gift that he has to use in order to protect the world from a coming threat. Under their supervision, he begins a training which aims at uncovering his skills and waking up his true nature: the Warrior.

    Produced by: John Doan, Eric Ross Gilliatt
    Cast: John Doan, Mary Mellow, Michael Golodini
  • Brandon Colvin
    2012, 90m, drama, mystery, thriller

    A young filmmaker uses his camera to transform the banality of his hometown into art. When a friend goes missing, however, his footage exposes a disturbing mystery . . . one he might be inventing. Stylistically, Frames is a narrative exploration of performance and stasis. The film is intended to provoke questions regarding character identification, the limits of expressiveness, and the aesthetic function of reduction/restraint.

    Produced by: Brandon Colvin, Aaron Granat
    Cast: Holland Noël, Maria Travis, Tim Towne
  • Benjamin Stark
    2011, 89m, film-noir, mystery, thriller

    Every machine needs fuel... Facing increasing debt and late bills, Eli Gottfried is tasked with the third shift at Stafford Stoneworks - from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Every machine needs repair... When a suspicious co-worker is severely injured, Eli finds his only solace in the ways of a stranded stranger. Every machine breaks down.

    Produced by: Lee Fanning, Danielle Stark
    Cast: Kevin Maggard, Luke Weaver, Wescott Youngson
  • Eric Hinwood
    2015, 95m, adventure, comedy, drama

    Three high school graduates decide to backpack through Europe before they go off to college. Everything goes great, until one of them goes missing. With only a few weeks until they have to fly home, the travelers desperately search for their friend as hilarity ensues.

    Produced by: Joseph Evans, Vishal Kolar, Eric Hinwood, Collin McDowell, Selena Welling
    Cast: Eric Hinwood, Collin McDowell, Selena Welling, Aaron Shi, Ammon Hardy
  • Juan-Carlos Asse
    2012, 77m, documentary

    Juan-Carlos Asse embarks on a journey with Tracy Ryan, a woman who has been morbidly obese her entire life, guiding her from poor health to a new life, one she could have never envisioned. Watch the amazing transformation as Ryan loses 200 pounds in a single year! The film reveals an interesting twist divulging Asse's past, a seven year sentence served in federal prison for drug charges. While in prison, Asse committed himself to the study and mastery of nutrition and fitness. This film documents their journey together overcoming huge obstacles.

    Produced by: Juan-Carlos Asse
    Cast: Tracy Ryan, Juan-Carlos Asse, T Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard
  • Robin Entreinger
    2012, 83m, drama, horror, thriller

    Francis is a lonely, shadowy young man who wants to find a solution to his problems and decides to see a psychiatrist. Session after session, Vincent finds out that his quiet, sensible-looking patient could become violent and dangerous.

    Produced by: Robin Entreinger
    Cast: Valentin Bonhomme, Jérôme Palfroy
  • Marcos Machado Loría
    2015, 90m, comedy, crime, sci-fi

    Unexplained disappearances and UFO sightings are reported in northeastern Guatemala. Rober Daneri a frustrated college professor along with the production team of a sensationalist TV show embark on a supernatural journey to a place called Zacapa in search for a logical explanation to these strange events.

    Produced by: Vilma Liella, Domingo Lemus
    Cast: Daneri Gudiel, Alejandra Estrada, Domingo Lemus
  • Frank Mosley
    2014, 65m, drama, experimental, mystery

    Called "a unique work with a distinctive voice" (Indiewire), "a mesmerizing film by a superb actor and filmmaker" (, "a delicately fate-fixated mid-length enigma" (Keyframe), "one of the best undistributed films of 2015" (Film Pulse), "a vibrant fantasy that transcends the narrative form" (Smells Like Screen Spirit), and "the best experimental narrative of the once alien and achingly resonant" (Indie Outlook).

    Produced by: Daniel Laabs, Robby Storey, Adam Donaghey, Farah White, Anu Yasin
    Cast: Lauren McCune, Morgana Shaw, Crystal Pate, Jack Elliott, Riley Templeton
  • Adrian Konstant
    2014, 106m, drama

    A vagabond minstrel crashes into the lives of a family struggling to survive. As the bonds of love and friendship grow so does the mystery behind the truth of the red guitar. This battered vagabond will find himself the reluctant hero as he must once again pick up his guitar to save this family, which takes him further from his own.

    Produced by: Heather Konstant, Derek Lackenbauer, Christian Koenig, Adrian Konstant, Jason Green
    Cast: Derek Lackenbauer, Tanja Guelck, Cassaundra Sloan, Lauryn Hall, Zach Parsons, Anthony Tullo, Adam Oldfield
  • Jozef K. Richards
    2011, 100m, comedy, horror, sci-fi

    The greatly idiotic Walter Romero takes on an island of zombies and a bloodthirsty werewolf to avenge his boy scout buddy with the help of his doe-eyed crush, Ashley Valinski, and hapless stoner, Johnny Mason.

    Produced by: Jozef K. Richards
    Cast: Chris Ouchie, Jozef K. Richards, Steve Golla, Samantha Goetz, Charles Ramsey, Stephen Kimble, Bruce Spielbauer
  • Nico Pires
    2013, 101m, adventure, documentary, experimental

    Paris, France. Today, Nico has a job interview. The first one in months. Trapped in a system without direction, Nico continuously questions himself about what to do with his life. Fascinated by diabolo since his childhood, he keeps regretting not having pushed his art further. But during the next 24 hours, unusual encounters and situations will give him no choice but to face his dreams... His imagination will take him on a soul-searching journey in which he will meet people sharing his passion. Today Nico has a job interview. The last one for a long time...

    Produced by: Nico Pires - Priam Pierret - Thierry Delaveau
    Cast: Nico Pires - Priam Pierret - Tony Frebourg - Alexis Levillon - William Lin - Arata Urawa - Robin Spinelli - Nella Von Zerboni - Roman Müller - Marco De Matteis -
  • Dan Steadman
    2013, 72m, comedy, drama, romance

    Being in a relationship during the holidays can either bring out the best of times or the worst of times. On the way to his hometown of Red Lodge, Montana, Jordan proposes to his boyfriend of two years, Dave. The engagement should only enhance their holiday cheer, but things take a turn when Dave suddenly changes his mind and says "no" to marriage. Jordan barely has time to process his feelings of rejection, what with the festive merriment provided from Aunt Vanity, distant adopted sister Lisa, and Lisa's quirky boyfriend Lace. Jordan spends his Christmas going through the motions.

    Cast: Richard Pierre-Louis, Joseph Lim Kim, Stephnie Weir, Diane Kylander, Jessica Garibay
  • Celia McBride
    2015, 78m, drama, romance

    January witnesses the brutal murder of her friend, Kee, and blames herself for what happened. Two years after Kee's death January meets Thomson, Kee's ex, and they fall into a love affair. Kee's murder continues to plague January and as the relationship with Thomson deepens she spirals further out of control.

    Produced by: Celia McBride
    Cast: Claire Ness, Kelvin Smoler, Angela Code
  • Jacob Medjuck
    2009, 103m, biography, comedy, romance

    Remember summer camp? Not like this you don’t. It’s the last innocent summer before romance infects the free minds of children—and the delinquent boys of Cabin B have pledged their hearts to mayhem in efforts to become camp legends. But when their tiny ten-year-old-leader, FETUS, stumbles into an early mid-life crises—his untimely crush on the local pre-teen beauty sparks a civil war among campers. With marvelous narration by John Cusack and a wild 80’s rock & roll soundtrack, this serrated sendoff on summer camp will charm you.

    Produced by: Jacob Medjuck Paul McNeill
    Cast: John Cusack (Narrator), Christopher McDonald, Jesse Comacho, Schott Beaudin, Lucian Maisel, Jacob Medjuck, Reva Timbers, Raquel Alessi, Joe Flaherty
  • Aaron Wertheimer
    2015, 77m, comedy, sport

    With no job prospects and an angry new landlord demanding rent, things are looking bleak for best friends Carl and Larry... until a charismatic stranger comes up with a plan to solve their financial woes. The brilliant idea? Fight each other in a boxing match so they both get paid. But will battling in the ring drive a wedge between best friends? Unique characters, sharp dialogue and a distinct brand of humor may split a crowd, or cause you to split your sides in laughter.

    Produced by: Min Soo Elle Kim, Rachel Whelan
    Cast: Kenny Zimlinghaus, Aaron Wertheimer, Anthony Mascorro
  • Jamison Brandi
    2012, 83m, drama, family

    Carla O'Shannon, along with her fiance, Ian, returns home at the wish of her terminally ill mother Deanna. Greeted by her rival sister, Susan, and abusive father Stan, Carla seeks the answers to all her darkest questions. Unexpectedly, she finds more than just answers, discovering the power of family, honesty, loyalty, and bitter contentment. A story of inner strength and healing. The darkest place of truth and consequence. A dysfunctional family looking for self-acceptance. The ultimate lie. Lie with each other. Lie to yourself. Lie with me.

    Produced by: Jason Brandi and Jamison Brandi
    Cast: Lisa Younger, Harwood Gordon, Rachel Marie Lewis, Lawrence McEvoy, Karen Strassman, Peter McGowan
  • Christopher Henze
    2015, 111m, documentary

    40 Weeks is the first unscripted documentary film to offer an intimate window into the week-by-week journey of pregnant women across the country. 40 Weeks explores the emotional and physical changes through pregnancy, the hopes and fears and the confusing and often difficult choices that can be presented during this time.

  • Teli Share
    2016, 96m, drama, romance

    It was a perfect summer. Michael (Cham), and Lily (Mina Yang) were a young married couple wishing to build a new family in their recently purchased dream home. To lessen the financial burden, the couple found roommates to share the house with. This was when Oxana (Sarah Navratil), and Julie (Olivia Rush) entered their lives. There was instant chemistry among the entire group, and as their friendships grew, so did their admiration. The house seemed to be paradise, in perfect balance. But serenity was lost with the absence of a member...

    Produced by: Teli Share, Henry Hsueh, Cathleen Zhou
    Cast: Cham Zhao, Sarah Navratil, Mina Yang, Olivia Rush, James Speed
  • Stephen McGhee
    2014, 57m, action, adventure, documentary

    Discover what happens when seven ordinary men, looking for a bigger life, decide to hit the reset button. Training hard, stronger than they’ve ever been, they go mano a mano with “her”: Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, one of the infamous Seven Summits—22,834 feet high and spoiling for a fight. For many, this will be an adventure story about pushing your edge—and that’s reason enough to watch. But how often have you said, "I can’t," to your dream? For all those who want to experience a bigger life, this is a film about breaking through. Is it time to hit your reset button?

    Produced by: Anne McGhee-Stinson, Mike Dion, Brenda Nesbitt
  • Jon Brekke
    2014, 82m, drama, experimental, family

    A woman unplugs from her career and discovers her inner voice through creative writing while also becoming a mentor to a teenage girl in need.

    Produced by: Jon Brekke, Ricardo Galindez
    Cast: Stephanie Sanchez, Brandi Taylor
  • Katie Teague
    2013, 86m, documentary

    Money & Life is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity? This cinematic odyssey takes us on a journey, from the origins of money to connecting the systemic dots on the current global financial crisis and how we got here. Most importantly, Money & Life says that we owe it to ourselves to understand the fundamentals of this technology called money in order to be effective participants in the economic transformation that is happening around us.

    Produced by: Katie Teague
  • Cameron Beyl
    2009, 87m, drama, experimental, romance

    Ryan, a twenty-something Angelino, is in mourning after losing the love of his life-- a vivacious young woman named Angie-- to a drunk driving accident six months prior. To help cope with the pain, he slides into alcohol, cigarettes, and an ever-increasing intake of sleeping pills. One night, he experiences a vivid fever dream, presented as a series of vignettes that show various moments from their relationship-- but is all this just a sleeping-state hallucination, or is it something different altogether?

    Produced by: Puneet Layal, Aviv Russ
    Cast: Patrick Carlyle, Nadine Heimann, Daniel Tuch, Mike Bash, Sarah Baldwin
  • Brad Hills
    2015, 80m, comedy, drama, romance

    Scott spends his days teaching at Space Defender camp, frustrated that he can't seem to find a woman with no baggage. His best friend Jake is no help, despite offering him his own brand of wisdom and truth. Scott meets Jessica who is seemingly the perfect woman - brains, beauty and a sci-fi nerd. When Scott learns the truth about Jessica's past he is forced to rethink his long held relationship rules in favor of accepting someone for who they are...and maybe even himself. EXCESS BAGGAGE is a quirky, romantic comedy that explores relationships, baggage and doing what makes you happy.

    Produced by: Brad Hills, Sarah Browne, Jason Bowers
    Cast: Brad Hills, Hari Williams, Jennifer Kairis
  • Jesse H. Knight
    2016, 113m, crime, drama

    Partners follows the lives of two, Rural North Carolina, uniformed police Officers in a small southern town; Officer John Walker and Officer Mandy Kain. Both middle aged and veterans of the department; the story, told in five separate segments, will focus more on how the two officers handle both the job and their personal lives. The story will touch on the problems police officers face in today's society; however, it will not be the typical police action drama portrayed in larger scale films or television series.

    Produced by: Darren W. Conrad, Duane A. Sikes, Louise Greene Black
    Cast: Darren W. Conrad, Candace M. Blanchard, Marco St. John
  • Anil Dhokai
    2014, 100m, comedy

    After 4 less than mediocre seasons on TV, a supernatural reality show called "The Strange and Unusual" is being canceled. With only one episode left to shoot, Joel, the show's producer is determined to give the network a series finale they won't forget.

    Produced by: Brian Oxendine, Anil Dhokai
    Cast: Tim Ross, Karen Boles, Dervin Gilbert, Brian Oxendine, Aubrey O'neal, Alonzo Ward, Christy Johson, Erika Chase, Sean Beck, David Schifter
  • Marq English
    2011, 55m, documentary, fantasy, sci-fi

    BBC Television's Doctor Who is the world's longest running science fiction TV series and over the years, has built up a loyal and passionate fanbase around the globe. This feature length movie documents the weird, wacky and wonderful world of Doctor Who fandom. With the impact of the new series in 2005, it has never been a better time to embrace the affection this unique programme generates. This film covers the vast spectrum of fandom including Conventions, Fan Fiction, Artwork, Merchandise, the Internet and the dedicated following of Doctor Who. FANZ - just what the Doctor ordered!

    Produced by: Marq English David J Howe
    Cast: David J Howe Louise Jameson J Jeremy Bentham Alistair Lock Steve O'Brien Justin Richards Lawrence Miles, Louise Jameson, Nicholas Briggs
  • Matt Wilkins
    2011, 91m, drama, family, horror

    Featuring a tour-de-force performance from actress Frances Hearn, Marrow is an intense psychological drama about ordinary horror. Writer/Director Matt Wilkins' wrenching drama dives into the deepest, most secret places in the life of a family with a haunting exploration of mortality and regeneration. Disturbed by the noises of something in the walls of her house, a mother (Hearn) struggles to regain balance in her life after the traumatic death of her father (Todd Jefferson Moore). It is her conflict with her son (Wiley Wilkins), however, that reveals the deeper wounds festering in the family.

  • Philippe Weibel
    2012, 92m, drama, mystery, thriller

    In order to finish their term papers, the two zoology students and longtime friends, Greg and Michael, embark on an expedition into unexplored wolf territory. After a long hike, they pitch their tents in a remote spot in the forest. On the second day, Michael, who is the more introverted and less confident of the two, catches sight of a beautiful young woman washing herself in a stream. Michael is deeply attracted to the woman and becomes increasingly distracted, neglecting the real purpose of their mission. Greg meanwhile, grows resentful and jealous. The fateful situation escalates.

    Produced by: Philippe Weibel
    Cast: Oliver Walker, David Osmond, Sai Bennett
  • Ivan Peric
    2014, 84m, comedy

    At 6 foot 6, Van Perry stands out in a crowd, yet his acting resume is nothing to brag about. Working as a sales rep, Van dreams about getting that one big acting gig. Unfortunately, despite ongoing auditions, nobody wants to cast him. In a world made for small people, Van just can’t catch a break. From girls being terrified of his “proportions”, to not being able to find shirts that fit properly, nothing is easy for Van. As the bills start pilling up and the acting jobs are nowhere to be found, Van has to make a tough decision whether to abandon his acting dreams for an office job.

    Produced by: Ivan Peric
    Cast: Ivan Peric, Tarek Gader, Mariana Tayler, Michele L' Africain, Alexandre Lapointe
  • Antonio Faria
    2013, 75m, documentary

    A backpacker’s journey from Buenos Aires (Arg) to Medellin (Col),crossing seven countries over two months. Travelling through South America’s amazing landscapes searching for its cultural roots, but that in fact encountering so much more... A route that becomes also about the people you meet on the way. A documentary immersed in the backpacker culture. It tries to capture a little bit of the spirit that is so special to those living within a community that may come from far and different places, but shares the same will of travel and discovery.

    Produced by: Ruka Borges
    Cast: Jose Castro Caldas
  • Anton Doiron
    2014, 87m, comedy, sci-fi

    Bruce is a trucker who works the hog fat lines between Earth and the Titan Station. He’s content with his life but a bit lonely. A month away from the Titan Station Bruce picks up Max, an easily bored automation engineer with a broken shuttle. As Max is about to go crazy from space boredom they receive a strange distress call. Bruce's long range receiver is broken so the signal is close by. Soon they discover a huge dark object on a collision course. Bruce and Max must risk everything to survive their deadly encounter and deliver the hog fat.

    Produced by: Anton Doiron
    Cast: Karl Sears, Anton Doiron, Amelia Jenkins, Cachet Garrett,
  • Scott Weatherall
    2015, 75m, adventure, comedy, crime

    Formosa Boulevard is an indie dark comedy set on the exotic island of Taiwan. “Otis” (Andy Gorley), an unapologetic, alcoholic, freeloading Expat has stolen money from the mob. “Danny”(Mark Nielsen) a "try hard", who never thinks for himself, snaps on his wedding day and takes off to Taiwan. Their paths cross and Otis takes Danny under his wing, but the mob catches up with them and Danny will find out the true cost of knowing Otis.

    Produced by: Scott Weatherall, David Barker, Jesse Smith
    Cast: Andy Gourley, Mark Nielsen, Titan Huang, Michael Huang
  • Josh Mitchell
    2015, 85m, drama, musical, romance

    A venture capitalist enlists a desperate indie singer to engage in a life swap with him. But when an unexpected female guest shows up at his door, he is forced to question his perspective on identity and love.

    Produced by: Alex Helisek, Scott Young
    Cast: Josh Mitchell, Alethea Sholomenko, Mike Maolucci
  • Sam Sutterlin
    2015, 50m, adventure, documentary, family

    'Living A Lifestyle' is an inspiring documentary by award-winning film maker Sam Sutterlin, featuring supercars such as the £1m McLaren P1, Gumball 3000 and a stunning countryside castle with royal links. Many years in the making, 'Living A Lifestyle' tells the tale of three men who have each achieved significant success despite coming from diversely differing backgrounds. 'Living A Lifestyle' provides 50 minutes of entertainment and inspiration for all audiences, leaving the viewer feeling energised and motivated to achieve their own success having seen it is possible from any background.

  • Cyril Morin
    2015, 85m, crime, drama

    Soyan is a computer prodigy that works for a company he previously hacked. This "online security" firm runs covert activities for high-profile clients around the world. Loise is a cyber-detective who investigates war crimes for a human rights organization. She is obsessed with the truth. Loise and Soyan meet on a rooftop and bond together through a virtual chess game. But Soyan's employer, Russell Belial, has asked him to protect the same arms-dealer that Loise is determined to help to capture. What is Soyan's real goal? Who will call the game now?

    Produced by: Arnaud Gauthier
    Cast: Pom Klementieff, Chris Schellenger
  • Steve Balderson
    2005, 113m, drama, film-noir, mystery

    Firecracker is a bold and shocking true-to-life tale of murder in small town Kansas. Set against the stark beauty of Middle America, this astonishing story of abuse, suffering and denial reveals dreams of escape. The inevitable confrontation unleashes the truth concealed behind the pleasant façade of small-town U.S.A. WINNER: Special Jury Award - Roger Ebert's Best Films of the Year

    Produced by: Steve Balderson
    Cast: Karen Black, Mike Patton, Susan Traylor, Jane Wiedlin, Kathlene Wilhoite
  • Nick McCallum
    2013, 100m, drama, film-noir, thriller

    Raised in a strict religious family by his pastor father, James Grant moved to Hollywood for the ultimate dream of rock stardom. After falling deep into an abyss of drugs and recklessness, James learns the devastating news that his sister has committed suicide. Upset and still under the influence, he tries to piece together her possible mindset which leads him down a dark path of life altering decisions. As James navigates his newly created world of high stakes danger and secret hidden agendas from everyone he meets, flashes of the past begin consuming his fragile mind. What could have been?

    Produced by: Natalie Avital, Chad Eicher, Jeremy Ward
  • Rene Hazekamp
    2014, 76m, documentary

    Sincere look behind the scenes at the Codarts school of music, dance and circus’s Circus Arts programme. Students from around the globe work hard in an old, isolated building in Rotterdam’s port. Crackling with tension and energy. Who’ll make it and who won’t? First-year students at the school of Circus Arts in Rotterdam (Codarts) learn the hard tricks of juggling or acrobatics from their teachers. Besides their physical abilities, the students are looking for themselves, their inner artist and a style that suits them.

    Produced by: David Kleijwegt, René A. Hazekamp
    Cast: Lisa Chudalla Ilse deJong Dixie Wanner Liv Knoche Tobias Willasch Mateu Canellas Sureda Gracia Moragues Cantallops Helene Dahl Marc Jonkers Vladimir Stolliarov Irada Stolliarova Evgeniya Kalugina William Thomas Nathalie Good Sassan Sagher Yaghmai
  • Andrew Tkach
    2015, 78m, action, documentary

    From the first days of the Maidan protests a team of Ukrainian filmmakers called Babylon13, volunteered to capture history in the making. In daily sorties, they filmed the first hopeful days of the movement and later the bloody street battles on their DSLRs. But the revolution's victory was short lived. Together with director Andrew Tkach the Babylon crew travelled to Eastern Ukraine to show the terrible cost of Russia's invasion & support for the separatists. In the end, Generation Maidan was about making change not war. At home they've take on corrupt oligarchs and politicians.

    Produced by: Andrew Tkach, Volodymyr Tykhyy, Denis Vorontsov
    Cast: Yuriy Butusov, Pavel Yurov, Aleksandra Morozova, Andriy Yanchenko, Hanna Hopko, Ivan Lozowy
  • Luke Wallace
    2014, 97m, drama

    Follow Gabe, a young man on a journey from his home in the city to his relative's horse farm. Sent to retrieve something buried on the farm, Gabe struggles to find peace between his new environment and the social pressures of his past which continue to follow him through his experience. "The Farm" is the first feature film from writer/director Luke Wallace and the film stars Gabriel Mahalik.

    Produced by: Luke Wallace
    Cast: Gabriel Mahalik, Grace Allen
  • Taylor James Johnson
    2016, 112m, biography, documentary, sport

    Taylor Trash Productions presents “The Power of a Dream” The story of #38, Eric Castillo, a former 30 year old senior defensive back at Incarnate Word University lives his dream as a part of the Cardinals squad. At the age of 28 after being knocked down by life and with no prior football experience, Castillo had a dream to get back up and play collegiate football at the University of the Incarnate Word and decided to make it his reality. Castillo will share his experience and journey but it’s what he has done off the field that has already begun to change lives forever.

    Cast: Eric Castillo, Ricky Williams, Lenny Walls, Tre Spragg
  • Patrick J. Gallagher
    2013, 84m, horror

    Locked away in their theatre, the cast and crew of "Angels In Hell" spend seemingly endless hours in rehearsal, unaware of the rapid and shocking changes taking place in the world outside. Now, trapped in the theatre by a horde of the living dead, with limited resources, they must decide between staying put and hoping for rescue, or taking matters into their own hands and making an extremely risky break for it. As debate over the course of action splits the group, and the spreading zombie virus.

    Produced by: Daniel Sanguineti & John Cougar
    Cast: Emma Gleeson, Rob Baird, Matt Butcher, Tim Stiles, Kirsten Smith, Andy Trieu
  • Ryan Gielen
    2014, 80m, comedy, drama

    TURTLE HILL, BROOKLYN is a funny, sincere, slice of life about a couple just trying to figure it out. Mateo and Will invite their friends over for Will's 30th birthday. After a few surprise visitors, they get through the day, but realize that doubting your partner isn't nearly as scary as doubting yourself.

    Produced by: Will Pork
    Cast: Brian W. Seibert, Ricardo Valdez
  • Mike Clear
    2014, 82m, adventure, documentary

    This is the story of a couple who put their relationship to the ultimate test in order to find the secret of everlasting love. Part travelogue, part cross-cultural story-finding, and part scientific experiment, this film tells the story of the couple’s love, insane honeymoon, and quest for a lasting marriage. Mike and Alanna drove a motorbike and sidecar from Alaska to Argentina and interviewed 120 couples about how to stay together for life. They also subjected themselves to scientific tests, to see if their marriage would last. They found out the results at the end of the road...

    Produced by: Mike Clear
    Cast: Mike & Alanna Clear
  • Jason Lupish
    2012, 90m, comedy, drama

    When Anna is diagnosed with cancer she struggles to live the last few months of her life in peace until her sister announces her upcoming wedding and her unemployed musician brother decides to move in.

    Produced by: Erica Sherwood, Jason Lupish
    Cast: Erica Sherwood, Beth Moore, Edward Balli, Brad Moore, Tiffany Browne
  • Nick Toti
    2016, 74m, documentary, experimental, musical

    The Complete History Of Seattle is an experimental take on the overwhelmingly pathetic rockumentary genre. In it, the Raft of Dead Monkeys story is mixed with personal and surreal digressions that explore the larger social/artistic/religious implications of the band within its specific historical context of the City of Seattle at the turn of the millennium—including the part they played in the founding of Mars Hill Church, one of the biggest and most controversial mega-churches in America.

    Produced by: Nick Toti and Matt Latham
  • Daniel Skaggs
    2014, 65m, action, adventure, documentary

    Freeload is a portrait of the modern train-riding culture. This movie follows Blackbird, a lost teenager searching for the answers to life. Ponyboy and Rachel, the young lovers, attempt to settle down in Texas, but the freedom of the road lure them back. Brothers Skrappe and Christmas - separated most of their lives - try to rekindle their distant brotherhood. Dice, the soft-spoken mystic will risk everything to ride the rails.

  • Michael Paulucci
    2014, 81m, adventure, comedy, fantasy

    Tasmanian Tiger is the story of Chris, a career obsessed orphan whose attempts to forge a dependable and tranquil future for himself spin out of control after news reports of a deadly hurricane trigger a flood of mysterious dreams from his childhood. Unable to stop the chaotic onslaught from his subconscious, Chris loses everything and is plunged into a world of con men, hustlers, and dreamers where he is forced to confront his own mixed up notions of life, love, and career. An absurdest comedy, Tasmanian Tiger takes a bawdy look at one man's struggle to master the fundamentals of life.

    Produced by: Michael Paulucci, Edward Tyndall, Chris Mast
    Cast: Chris Mast
  • Carlton Sugarman
    2016, 86m, comedy, musical, romance

    The Amateur: or (Revenge of the Quadricorn) is a gritty naturalistic musical exploring the chaotic journey of artistic pursuit in contemporary los angeles. joey takes his music seriously, the rest of his life, not so much. the amateur tells the tale of a broke — and sometimes broken artist – navigating the la music scene. riding the highs and nursing the hangovers, his journey leads him through various experiences, both personal and professional, that shed a new light on the things that really matter.

    Produced by: Lauren Schneider, Tara Jane
    Cast: Joey Baldwin, Carlotta Elektra Bosch, Jere Burns, Jeannetta Arnette
  • Lucian Alexandrescu
    2014, 90m, adventure, comedy, family

    In a village deep in Transylvania, two young friends (one Roma) embark on the journey of their lives in an attempt to become actors in the big city and come back the same night filled with glory. Their journey takes you through the picturesque, multi-ethnic Transylvania with beautiful landscapes all the way to the sparkling, bustling city of Cluj-Napoca as the two runaways go through a series of adventures that will make you laugh and your heart throb.

    Produced by: Radu Bazavan
    Cast: Sebastian Topan, Darius Stoic, Elena Ivanca, Ioan Selesi
  • Vlado Priborsky
    2015, 102m, biography, comedy, drama

    This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia. When he is 12 years old his parents decide to move to Vienna. What follows is the discovery of a whole new world, the world of movies. Soon young Vlado’s passion for films results in his own short films. And from the beginning at the back of his mind, the desire to someday make a feature film. Like most filmmakers in pursuit of their dream, Vlado has to overcome obstacles. At the age of 26 the cancer crossed his way.

    Produced by: Vlado Priborsky, Mario Koller
    Cast: Wolfgang Rauh, Agnes Kammerer, Anatol Rieger, Alexander Pschill
  • Michael Malone
    2015, 63m, comedy, drama

    Bethlehem is a nod towards 90s holiday films. It's a dark comedy about a family who is coming together for as they fall apart around the holidays. Like most family gatherings, things don't go as planned. In the aftermath of chaos the kids decide to band together to give their mother one final perfect family Christmas... well, almost.

    Cast: Cindy Maples, Raymond Kesler, Michael Malone, Derik Zooashkiyani
  • Simon Aitken
    2010, 78m, drama, horror, thriller

    Martin (Kane John Scott) and his wife Jane (Marysia Kay) are taking some time off, trying to put the past behind them, trying to appreciate each other again. But when they get to their holiday cottage, they find that they're got little love left for each other. Jane attracts the attentions of another man, Seth (Benjamin Green), a vampire who sees something that he want in Jane. Jane wants it too, but be careful what you wish for... After one night with Seth, Jane undergoes a painful transformation. A change that gives her more than she ever thought possible. A change that opens her eyes to

    Produced by: Simon Aitken
    Cast: Marysia Kay, Kane John Scott, Benjamin Green, Adam Bambrough, Pamela Flanagan
  • Hugo Chávez Carvajal
    2015, 46m, documentary, history

    A countless number of cameras and televisions in need of repair go through Miguel and David’s repair shops every day, with increasingly more complicated work needed. Objects that go unused and go from hand to hand every day, conquered by a diverse number of trades that give them new a new value to what is no longer usable for many people; until finally reaching a place where only fragments of each camera and television have their last chance.

    Produced by: Amaia Aldamiz-Echevarria and Hugo Chávez Carvajal
    Cast: Marcelo Hernádez, Mónica Gómez, Miguel Hernández, Fructuoso Barrón, David Serrano, Marcos Serrano, Cuauhtémoc Serrano y Laurencio Ramírez
  • Benoit Maestre
    2013, 80m, crime, film-noir, mystery

    Alain meets Estelle in unsetting circumstances. They'll then have to share a heavy secret. What they don't know is that a witness, Balthazar is watching them... On the verge of film noir and dark burlesque, a dramatic fantasy about lonelinesses bumping into each other.

    Produced by: Benoit Maestre
    Cast: Hélène Dedryvère, Denis Rey, Didier Le Gouic,
  • Jay Stern
    2015, 92m, comedy, musical, romance

    When Paul the pool boy elopes with Marian the rich girl, they discover life is harder than in the movies. Paul is forced to seek his fortune, and he discovers a hidden taste for the rat race. Meanwhile, Marian is reading - mostly about the suffering of the masses - and incendiary books inspire her to bring revolution to the people. When Paul and Marian meet again in this screwball musical, they're no longer starry-eyed newlyweds - and their corporate henchman and revolutionaries insist on singing and dancing. How can their love survive?

    Produced by: Jay Stern, Alan McIntyre Smith
    Cast: Paul Herbig, Marian Brock, James Prendergast, Craig Wichman, Ramona Floyd, Mary Micari, Derek Lively
  • Jason Baffa
    2014, 86m, adventure, documentary, sport

    Can a region surrounded by land produce world class surfing waves? Internationally acclaimed surf-filmmaker, Jason Baffa (Singlefin: Yellow & One California Day) documents surfer, artist and environmentalist, Chris Del Moro on a pilgrimage back to his Italian homeland on what most perceive as a 'Don Quixotian' quest but transforms into a modern discovery seeped in culture, tradition and passion. Moreover, it is what Chris finds in the beauty of Italy and the distinctly passionate connection the Italian people have with family and tradition that reveals a greater truth.

    Produced by: Scott Griest, Anh-Thu Le & Greg Schultz
    Cast: Chris del Moro, Dave Rastovich, Leonardo Fioravanti
  • Nic Collins
    2014, 76m, comedy, drama, romance

    Beasts explores the idealized notions and uncertainties of post-college life. From the perspectives of three post-grad students, BEASTS chronicles the daily struggles of paying rent, sex, and failure.

    Produced by: Twin Visuals, Elementum Entertainment
    Cast: Patrick Lindhorts, Danny Backer, Sean Godsey
  • Erich Kemp
    2014, 72m, crime, drama, film-noir

    A drifter with a violent past comes to the city to kill somebody for money. On his way to do it, a young woman crashes into his life, giving him the choice - to continue on this path of self destruction or leave it all behind and start again.

  • Trae Briers
    2006, 92m, drama

    A romantic love story based on "Romeo and Juliet" where two innocent young adults have to cope with the interracial barriers brought on by the people closest to them. Yusef (Caleeb Pickett-sibling to Jada Pinkett-Smith) and CeCe (Angie Ruiz- Bee Season, 40 Days and 40 Nights) are young and in love, trying to do what they can to finally leave their hometown and see what the world has to offer them.

  • Teli Share
    2015, 95m, fantasy, horror, romance

    Viro comes back to the Saha World repeatedly in search for Chloe, his lost love. But his evil entity is not allowed to stay in this world as the COJ and Taven will hunt him down whenever he is discovered. The hostility is brutal, and the challenge of being with Chloe again seems impossible. People are being manipulated to do him harm, and they spread evil words about him, generating fear among others. So the only way for him to stay together with Chloe, and stop the cycle, is to fight back!

    Produced by: Teli Share, Henry Hsueh
  • Jose M. Cuñat, Victor M. Mezquida
    2014, 100m, documentary

    A documentary that show the process of creating a Designer Toy handcrafted, from the first sketch to get a copy on hand. We want to share our experience and our way of working, and share it as a guide for anyone’s creative process, beginner or expert, who want to take their projects to the end successfully. Offer a real formula to reach the greatest number of people, to encourage them to start and grow their projects, having the certainty of not abandon them when the problems begin.

    Produced by: Jose M. Cuñat, Victor M. Mezquida
  • Anysay Keola
    2012, 102m, drama, thriller

    Sin a spoiled, rich, young man woke up found himself tied and lock up in the dark room. Lud a mute man appear and seek revenge from Sin, who had killed his wife and daughter in a car crash. The pain from the loss was killing Lud alive and had trapped him in a maze of revenge. Only the death of Sin that could even Lud's tragedy. Lud and Sin were doomed to share the destiny, which would change their lives forever and lead them towards the point of no return.

    Produced by: Vannaphone Sitthirath, Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, Anysay Keola
  • Pirooz Kalayeh
    2012, 81m, comedy, documentary, experimental

    Shoplifting from American Apparel is a mockumentary that moves between potential scenes to the crew's critiques, until nothing remains but bitterness and dissatisfaction.

    Produced by: Pirooz Kalayeh, Sonny Mishra, Mark Parsia
    Cast: Jordan Castro, Brad Warner, James Roehl, Jennifer Bishop, Mark Parsia, Pirooz Kalayeh, Sonny Mishra, Keith McAleer, Alfred Rutherford, Daniel Genalo
  • Kevin Lambert
    2014, 75m, comedy, drama, romance

    Korea Herald: ‘The View from Here’ a Mirror to the Human Condition' Providing insights into expat life in Korea while exploring the topic of porn addiction, “The View from Here” provides an accurate representation of the human condition, [avoiding] portraying any ... characters in a positive light. “I don’t think it’s realistic... I don’t think it is who people really are. I mean, if you want to show someone rainbows and puppy dogs, save that for Facebook. But if you want to show reality and what people are, that’s what movies are for." (Courtesy: Dina Perez)

    Cast: Miles Meili, Wendy Taylor
  • Kyle Arpke
    2014, 81m, drama

    CATALYST follows two brothers searching for closure while coping with their parent's divorce. The younger brother, Terrence (Justice Rieth) looks above, to God and the church. The older brother, Keeran (Nick Kavanaugh) hopes a friendship he has with a talented classmate (Erika Sorenson) can turn into more, proving to himself that he will not take the same road as his parents. CATALYST blends neo-realism and religious metaphor to dive deep into a family living with echoes of a harmful past.

    Produced by: Kyle Arpke
    Cast: Justice Rieth, Nick Kavanaugh, Erika Sorenson, Linda Cieslik, Scott Bailey, Ricardo de Herrera, Tyrone Wesley, Tommy Moua, and Jean Yang
  • Lee Fleming
    2015, 124m, comedy, crime

    Angel's Bounty is a dark, comedic tale that follows cynical and burnt-out Los Angeles bounty hunter, Angel Sommers. Angel spends her days surrounded by liars, gamblers, misogynists and other social deviants. And those are just her co-workers. When a contract comes in that's big enough to fund her dreams of leaving the bounty hunting game and opening her own business, she jumps at the opportunity. The only problem is, the contract is for Tommy Briggs...the man responsible for her father's murder over a decade ago.

    Produced by: Kevin Coleman, Lucien Flynn, Sonia Alexandria
    Cast: Kristen Springer, JP Giuliotti, Alastair Bayardo, Travis Gray, Colin Dillon, Justin Hayes, Shawn Lawrence
  • Jeff M. Giordano
    2014, 66m, adventure, documentary, romance

    A moving, low-def collage of a long-distance relationship cut together (in poetic fashion) from years of home video footage. Two unique personalities and the challenges of their long-distance romantic relationship, with moments of ecstasy throughout Japan, Australia, and USA. The film chronicles the roller coaster of emotions that define young love: passion, heartache, and exhilaration. Jeff and Tomoko are like two young lovers on the run, and take us on a whirlwind tour via intimate home videos.

    Produced by: Jeff M. Giordano
    Cast: Jeff M. Giordano, Tomoko Higashiyuri
  • Alexandre Alonso
    2015, 81m, comedy, experimental, horror

    Alex likes to party, smoke weed and have some fun. One day walking by the street he is possessed by a powerful demon, now that he became a vessel he is going to infect people all over the globe with a demonic virus that transforms people in self mutilating paranoid freaks.

    Cast: Regina Gaia, Alex Alonso, Victor Santos, Wesley Sousa, Rachel Munhóz
  • Snævar Sölvason
    2015, 90m, comedy

    With a B.Sc. in software engineering and a lust for adventure, big city boy Tommi has made solid plans for the future with his girlfriend Rakel. They decide to spend a summer in the Wild West-fjords of Iceland before going to the capital to start a life together. Things change quickly in the Wild West and before he knows it, Tommi has to rely on his colourful co-workers at the Golf Club in Bolungarvík to make it through the summer. That is easier said than done when they're dealing with an extremely demanding boss, nature at it's finest and aggressive wild life.

    Produced by: Snævar Sölvason, Gudgeir Arngrimsson, Hansel Eagle, Ingvar Thordarson, Julius Kemp
    Cast: Hansel Eagle, Palmi Getsson, Gunnnar Kristinsson, Finnbogi Dagur Sigurdsson
  • Zach Weintraub
    2013, 75m, drama

    Justine lives and works in a nameless city. The film begins when her boyfriend, Zach, leaves to interview for a position at a recently renovated art house movie theater in a small town. He lands the job and together they relocate to an air mattress in his new boss' garage. Dropped suddenly into an unfamiliar place and stripped of all routine and distraction, Justine is left to sit quietly by and observe the early signs of her own deteriorating relationship.

    Produced by: T. Newhard
    Cast: Justine Eister, Kymberly Walden
  • Ian Ruby
    2016, 90m, drama

    Don wants to reconnect with his estranged family. His partner, Lisa wants to be free of his violent rages. Their neighbour, Ritchie wants to escape from his miserable home and his debt to a brutal, gangster.

    Produced by: Rob O' Halloran & Ian Ruby
    Cast: Karol Mann O' Connor, Irene Kelleher, Shane Doonan, Lochlainn McKenna
  • Vinnoth Krishnan
    2015, 60m, crime, drama, film-noir

    The story of a man named Stuart and his obsession with deciphering a human longevity formula associates himself with uncanny routines of activities. Stuart derives this formula from an intent to figure out the times of death of each person. Thus with his experiment and almost discovering his formula led him to a world that he never intent to be at the first place.

    Produced by: Joshua Redwine, Princella Parker
    Cast: Ben Sattler, Eric Moyer, Jeff Hoover, Julia Farrell
  • Ethan Kogan, Jessica Silvetti
    2013, 84m, drama, experimental

    PROBLEM OF EVIL focuses on the inner circle of a modern day religious cult, touching on the topics of unquestioning faith in a higher power, and the timeless themes of love, loss and redemption. Utilizing dramatic improvisation throughout the entire film, this independent drama evokes a cerebral and meditative state, proudly adopting the artistic moniker of 'contemplative cinema' or 'slow cinema.' While production budget may classify it as a niche film, the main theme of questioning one’s faith applies to a wide audience.

    Produced by: Ethan Kogan, Jessica Silvetti
    Cast: Hemky Madera, Cynthia Ettinger, Jessica Silvetti, Jarreth Merz, Ethan Kogan, Aly Mawji
  • Andrew Nuno and Adrian Nuno
    2015, 62m, comedy, drama

    Wyatt is a college freshmen who returns from school for the summer to find out that he has cancer. With his world shattered, Wyatt decides to capture his life in a series of videos from the moment he is diagnosed to the night before a surgery that can either save or kill him. Along the way, we are given an intimate look at how Wyatt learns to truly live life and how his diagnosis comes to affect his relationships with his family, friends and ultimately himself. We are taken along for the ride as Wyatt discovers how to truly embrace life through the potential of death.

    Produced by: Andrew Nuno and Adrian Nuno
    Cast: Michael Morones, Olivia Jensen, Rachel Orr, Fernando Nuno, Jimmy Bossemeyer, Erika Oseau, Brittney McHugh, Tom Bieschke
  • Roque Madrid
    2014, 102m, drama, horror, thriller

    A young couple has rented an old, remote house by the Mediterranean sea for the summer. There they meet Elias Urquijo, an enigmatic children books writer, whom they quickly befriend. However, something in the house seems to react to the presence of the guests, something that is trying to warn them about the true identity of Elias and what are his real intentions.

    Produced by: Juan Antonio Martinez
    Cast: Coralie Audret, Xavier Lafitte, Pierre Kiwitt, Laura More, Pepe Ocio
  • Kaitlyn Busbee, Sean Christopher Lewis
    2014, 82m, comedy, drama

    When big news comes in for the constant bachelor Shawn, he makes it a mission to visit everyone who has shunned him for years. This includes his old friend Greg - a children's musician living in the cozy, domestic confines of Brooklyn. After the two hit some hilarious re-acquainting pains, they soon roll off onto the American road for a trip that will show them the gifts and the costs of real friendship.

    Produced by: Sean Christopher Lewis, Matt Dellapina, Kaitlyn Busbee, Maria Vorhis
    Cast: Sean Christopher Lewis, Matt Dellapina, Maria Vorhis, MacKenzie Meehan
  • Rodrigo Lopresti, Zak Mulligan
    2011, 85m, drama, sci-fi

    As Josh struggles with the death of his wife Sam, his grief begins to manifest itself in haunting and strange ways. When Josh comes face to face with his dead wife who is somehow alive and well, he slowly realizes that his world consists of two divergent realities. As he journeys between the two realms, hopeful of recreating the life he shared with Sam, tragedy ensues.

    Cast: Rodrigo Lopresti, Francis Benhamou, Kevin Kane, Salvatore Inzerillo
  • Ben Duffy
    2016, 60m, documentary, sport

    Tin Soldiers is a fascinating perspective film into the world of amputees, people who have spina bifida, paralysis, and cerebral palsy, all doing adaptive sports. This film features double amputee Zach Ruhl, who is a professional crossit coach and soon to be paralympic powerlifter, WCMX rider Quinn Waitley, 3 year old adaptive athlete Abel Rose, and 4 time paralympian medalist Alana Nichols. Alana is the first person to win gold in the summer and winter Olympic games for the USA. This film can inspire people to make a change in their life through the power of commitment and sport.

    Produced by: Ben Duffy, Michael Sassano
    Cast: Alana Nichols, Zack Ruhl, Quinn Waitley, Justin Beauchesne, Matt Hawkins, Abel Rose, Heather Rose
  • Oliver Guy-Watkins
    2016, 92m, drama, experimental

    The debut feature film from Oliver Guy-Watkins, Always In The Present is the story of six individuals whose lives have been shaken by the disappearance of their friend, the writer Cass Horsely, after a number of detrimental articles were published about him. Six months later they come together to mark what would have been his 35th birthday, for an evening which reveals the truth behind the lies, opens old wounds and forces each of them to look at their actions.

    Produced by: Martin Firrell, William Maughan, Ben Mortimer, Oliver Guy-Watkins
    Cast: Tom Sawyer, Daphne Alexander, Kathryn Worth, James Payton, Matt Garrill, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Helen Belbin, Isaura Barbe-Browne
  • Andrei Severny
    2011, 70m, drama, experimental, sci-fi

    Condition is a meditative psychological drama set in apocalyptic atmosphere. The story is a sensory battle of the two female characters - sound therapist Mary Taggert and her patient, young disturbed woman Alaska. The doctor evacuates with her patient driving a car away from the city to unspecified northern territory towards the border. Having ran out of gas two women are stranded in mysterious rough and rocky wilderness close to the ocean where it becomes a battle for survival and a struggle with the inner wounds and salvation with sound and nature.

    Produced by: Amir Naderi, Andrei Severny
    Cast: Antonella Lentini, Jessica Kaye
  • Lee James
    2011, 83m, drama, family

    MEE is living with her widowed mother MRS.TAN since the father passed away few years ago. MENG the youngest and only son in the family lives outside on his own, while the eldest sister MUN already married and had a family of her own. Somehow the father’s passing has leaves a strange aura to the family which has drifts apart emotionally. And MRS.TAN is continuing her affair with her lover, which none of the daughters or son knew about.

    Cast: Tan Bee Hung, Kenny Gan & Pearlly Chua
  • David A. Holcombe
    2014, 82m, comedy, experimental, romance

    GRAFFITO tells the story of a graffiti artist struggling to express himself within the context of an increasingly digitized and violent world that encourages disconnect and apathy. The film endeavors to present a vibrant and beautifully complex artistic community thriving in the Logan Square/Avondale neighborhoods of Chicago by using local crew, local actors, musicians, painters, graffiti artists, and locations; the film also strives to elevate art as a means of cultural expression rather than glossy entertainment.

    Produced by: David A. Holcombe, Heather Mingo, Nicholas Reise
    Cast: Antonio Brunetti, Michelle M. Oliver, Kristin T. King, Brittany Ellis, Natalie DiCristofano, Nicole Wiesner, David Steiger
  • Mitchel Viernes
    2014, 120m, drama, family, fantasy

    Rachel, a young woman who was estranged from her family for several years, returns home to take care of her little brother Peter after the sudden passing of their parents. Ever since the traumatic experience, Peter refuses to speak, making a social connection with anyone extremely difficult. Between work, finances, and trying to handle her own love life, Rachel finds connecting with Peter just as much of a challenge. Things change when Peter turns to the forest near his house as a means to escape the real world, where he forms an unlikely friendship with a giant that lives there.

    Cast: Marcus Lavatai, Aubrey Robbins, Aaron Madriaga, Kaleo Flores, Amber Awalt
  • Alexander Tovar
    2015, 90m, comedy, romance

    A writer moves to Los Angeles to adapt a children's book for the silver screen, but quickly finds the Hollywood machine to be more than he's willing to handle.

    Produced by: Bonnie B. Hargett, Armand Hargett
    Cast: Alexander Tovar, Amelia Meyers, Robert Maffia, Jillian Johnston, Andrew Hawkes, Rob Herring
  • Ben Woodiwiss
    2012, 100m, drama, horror, thriller

    Benny Loves Killing is the story of a student making a horror film which jeopardises her funding. She is on a mission to destroy herself as she lies to people, rejects them, steals from them, and worse. Her only anchors in her life are her long-suffering friend and her Mother, but Benny is more interested in a quest to rebuild herself using stolen clothes and wigs. Her nightmares may have something to tell her, but will Benny wake up before it’s too late?

    Produced by: Nick Jones
    Cast: Pauline Cousty, Kristina Dargelyte, Canelle Hoppé, Kelli White, Angela Schultz
  • Peter Sullivan
    2006, 85m, action

    Notorious street fighter Victor Knox (Andre "Chyna" McCoy - The Matrix) has just been freed from prison. Now, to earn back his wife and child, he needs money fast. When he's invited to join a mysterious fight tournament promising cash prizes, he quickly signs up. Under constant surveillance by virtual spectators, each no-holds-barred match becomes increasingly violent. Vic soon finds himself being held captive in this boundless, dangerous game of endless fighting. To free himself, he must confront the game's enigmatic creator and its chief enforcer, known only as The Ref (Daz Crawford - Blade

    Cast: Andre
  • Sibylle Meder
    2013, 58m, documentary

    15-year-old Saeed from Afghanistan took a boat in Izmir to come to Europe. Just off the Turkish coast, Saeed strands on a Greek island called Tilos. Fleeing a traumatic past, he is catapulted into a community with only 400 inhabitants - and one bus. Saeed soon discovers that he is not the only one looking for a new home here. The passengers on THE ISLAND BUS come from over a dozen countries, and also have stories of dislocation to tell. This warm-hearted documentary adds an Aegean twist to the eternal question of how to be happy no matter what.

    Produced by: Lindsay Goodall, Anja, Dehghan, Mike Dehghan
  • Randy M. Salo
    2012, 77m, comedy, documentary, sci-fi

    Jim Green has turned his house into a crumbling museum exhibiting what he claims are remnants of a hyper-advanced civilization of reptilian humanoids. As a young boy, Jim’s grandson Randy was entranced when he first heard these epic tales, and later he promised his grandfather that he would discover the truth. Returning to South Carolina, Randy meets with scientists, family members and Jim’s old colleagues. What he finds includes war trauma from remote tropical islands, supernatural phenomena, science fiction writing, and his own surprising role in his grandfather’s stories.

    Produced by: Randy M. Salo, Ted Weinbaum
  • Matt Latham
    2014, 94m, drama, experimental, thriller

    When four estranged siblings return to their Texas hometown for their mother's funeral, the youngest sister is abducted by a cult. In the attempt to rescue their sister, the family discovers the cult's terrifying plans for all of humanity.

    Produced by: Nick Toti
    Cast: Amara Gyulai, Deborah Jensen, Meredith Jane McCarty, Frank Mosley, Teresa May Nichta, and Gideon Seaman
  • Ian Merrick
    1980, 93m, action, crime, thriller

    Donald Neilson was an ex-soldier who was already screwed up when he joined the army, volunteering for everything regarding combat and survival skills, including urban and jungle warfare, where he spent a lot time living in the wild in Britain’s post-colonial wars. He saw combat and did a lot of killing and torture, a very dangerous killing machine. When discharged he never stopped playing soldiers and went on a crime and killing spree during his crimes. Night-time raids on post offices and banks, commando style, ending in kidnapping a hairless for ransom who died in the bungled attempt.

    Produced by: Ian Merrick
    Cast: Donald Sumpter, Debbie Farrington, and Marjorie Yates
  • Cameron Beyl
    2012, 98m, drama, experimental

    With their closest friends in tow, siblings Owen and Rosie organize one last outing to their family’s cabin in the California redwoods for the long Independence Day weekend. What’s intended to be a relaxing getaway soon turns heated as the close quarters bring long-simmering tensions amongst the group to their boiling point. Working off only detailed character breakdowns and daily objectives, the film was improvised entirely without the benefit of a script or outline. What results is an honest portrait of a generation's search for its identity, and the growing pains that accompany it.

    Produced by: Josh Woolf, Aviv Russ, Puneet Layal
    Cast: Patrick Carlyle, Heather Ann Davis, Emily Graham-Handley, Megan Lee Joy, Benjamin Parslow, Joey Snyder Kloos
  • Theodore Collatos
    2013, 72m, documentary, drama, family

    A haunting portrait of a down and out comedian, part tale of redemption, love story and classic America family saga. A slice of life straight from the glass that cuts us.

    Produced by: Carolina Monnerat, Theodore Collatos
    Cast: Matt Shaw, Rick Roucoulet, Tony Shaw, Rebecca Frankel, Arthur Collins
  • Julia Waterhous
    2013, 42m, documentary

    Hundreds of thousands of people in Delhi work informally as waste pickers, pulling recyclables from roadsides, municipal bins, and landfills and re-selling them to make a living. They are socially, politically, and economically marginalized, and now their livelihoods are in danger. Private waste management companies are asking for exclusive rights to recyclable waste. What will these people be left with if their livelihoods are taken away? Don't Waste People is the platform for their voices.

    Produced by: Julia Waterhous, Victor Ahluwalia, Therese Waterhous, Marie Long
  • Cyril Morin
    2014, 90m, drama, thriller

    n 1973, during the insurrection, Marvin and Bud, two Native American activists, are arrested and thrown in jail. Anna, Marvin's wife, died in an accident several months before. Marvin is devastated and Bud consoles his friend during this hard time. In jail, they must face two officers monitoring their every move and join forces with a young lawyer assigned to their case. Why does a Nixon representative visit them in jail? And a Senator? And a Hollywood star? What is Nixon's role? What secret was Anna hiding before she died? During the seventies, the world keeps spinning and tension arise

    Produced by: Arnaud Gauthier
    Cast: Chadwick E.Brown; Michael Spears; Tonanzin Carmelo
  • Paulette Caletti
    2014, 74m, crime, film-noir, romance

    The Cake Maker is a gangster-thriller centred around one woman, Roxy, and the men in her life. Matt bakes for his Boss, nightclub owner Frank, and occasionally works as a lookout on the street. Roxy does a runner after a “business disagreement”. The Boss wants her found and sends Rick, his right hand man, to do the searching with henchmen Aristotle and Max in tow. None of the lookouts have seen her, it’s as if she’s vanished. Everyone’s looking for Roxy whilst Matt keeps his head down and Roxy hidden in his flat.

    Produced by: Paulette Caletti, Trevor Kelly
    Cast: Stuart Mackie, Nicole Smith, Matt Houlihan, James Hyland, Aston Maddix
  • Ross Kolton
    2014, 67m, comedy, drama, film-noir

    Aldo is an independent hair stylist because he doesn't want to have to deal with the whole salon environment. He travels around Echo Park and Downtown Los Angeles cutting and styling peoples hair. He has no cell phone, he gives himself tattoos, he watches old movies, and listens to a lot of sports radio to keep track of his basketball bets. Strapped for cash, he makes a long shot bet on an NBA playoff series and soon finds himself in trouble with the loan shark he owes.

    Produced by: Ross Kolton, Ryan Mazzei, Dane Mazzei
    Cast: Dane Mazzei, Nicole Simone, Patrick Brennan, Jon Abrahams, Raymond Mazzei, Taylor Montague
  • Gustavo Cervantes
    2013, 92m, drama, fantasy, western

    The Brick House is a modern retelling of the classic "three little pigs" tale in a fantasy­ western drama, where three estranged brother pigs are reunited by the inheritance of their Uncle's countryside homestead after his death in a house fire. Deciding to repair the home for themselves, they become the target of some local business tycoons; a ruthless pack of wolves who's seedy plans will have them stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

    Produced by: Gustavo Cervantes, Douglas Layne Anderson
    Cast: Josh New, Gallagher Goodland, Thomas Andrew Johnson, Brendan Hopkins, Bill Aaron Tarpenning, Andy Woodard
  • Nicholas Bateman
    2012, 61m, documentary, drama, romance

    Just a romance about a tragedy about some friends making a movie.

    Produced by: David Io Ross, Nicholas Bateman
    Cast: Francis Cabatac, Katie O. Solomon, Nicholas Bateman, Edmond Cofie, Hannah Lewis, Andrew Hann, Aaron Boudreaux, Lauren Leone Baker, Alex Kafarakis, Maddie Hicks, Taylor Sloey, and Mickey Cox
  • Scott Baehrend
    2015, 73m, documentary

    George Nottoli, aka, Vito “Two Fingers” Fontaine, is a regular guy extraordinaire. Family man, rocker, pro wrestler, stunt man, Sausage King of Chicago—George is a force to be reckoned with. This film follows George as he tells his inspirational story of an Everyman for our day. It also gives an inside look at the world of pro wrestling, where the more you like someone the harder you hit ‘em.

    Produced by: Scott Baehrend
    Cast: George Nottoli, Windy City Proffesional Wrestling
  • Omari Jackson
    2012, 97m, drama, romance

    Set in the Caribbean, Between Friends follows an interlinked group of people through their trials and triumphs in their romantic relationships. Some are at a crossroads in life, having just graduated University, while others are either still in high school or are trying to establish stable family lives. Throughout the film we are witness to the often mismatched dynamics that exist between men and women, especially when intimacy in involved.

    Produced by: M. Omari Jackson
    Cast: Taromi Joseph, Vanna 'Vee
  • Ericson Just
    2015, 80m, comedy, drama

    Ericson, a young-adult on the horizon of his thirties, dives head-first into a destructive spiral of artistic indulgence as he attempts to co-opt his friends into making a movie about his life.

    Produced by: Ericson Just, Andrew Hardwood, Allen T. Duarte
  • S.C. Weiss
    2014, 57m, biography, documentary

    Gerard, Odette and Shenge are 3 energetic young adults in a prospering East African city. They are facing life with all upsides and obstacles and wonder about their future - like young people all over the world. But they also share the cruel history of their country: 20 years after the genocide in Rwanda they invite us to learn about their past and their present and show us a picture of Rwanda that we have not seen before. "Ibyiza Birimbere" is the sensitive and quiet - at times poetic - portrait of a generation that is carrying a big responsibility while dealing with guilt, blame and remissio

    Produced by: Gerrit Hahn, S.C. Weiss
  • Tyler Hulett
    2016, 76m, documentary, experimental

    We believe in surrounding our lives with nature's beauty - even when we're stuck inside. From starry skies over Mt. Hood, to the colorful Painted Hills, to the edge of the Pacific Ocean - Discover Oregon lets you experience the beauty of nature from home. Recorded by night and day – in stunning timelapse and real-time motion photography – Discover Oregon is an unforgettable way to experience Oregon’s abundant scenery, plants, and wildlife in both iconic and virtually unknown locations.

  • Jack Perez
    2011, 97m, comedy, horror

    Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.

    Produced by: Ryan Levin
    Cast: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Ariel Gade, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick
  • Jenni Mason
    2015, 74m, drama, family

    Charlie is a young man with a learning disability and autism. Charlie loves gardening and books but hates shouting and graffiti. The story begins as Charlie is moving into his own flat. With Charlie's mum being ill and struggling with his care, Charlie's older brother Tom is keen that he takes steps towards living a more independent life. Over time though Charlie is targeted by local youths and the abuse starts to escalate. 'I Am Me' is a hard hitting and emotional film that explores many complex issues surrounding the effects of disability hate crime, in a thought provoking yet sensitive way.

    Produced by: Grant Mason, David Wallace
    Cast: Daniel Cameron, Alan Orr, Angela Moore
  • Kieran Thompson
    2014, 91m, comedy, drama

    Karla has to babysit the most obnoxious person she knows for the weekend... Theo, her brother-in-law who's broken his leg. She must prove she’s responsible so her sister will pay for grad school. He wants to party one last time before becoming a daddy. Together they embark on making a nursery as a gift but when the work gets too hard will Karla give up and just party? Broken Leg is a heartfelt comedy about helpless people learning how to help themselves.

    Produced by: Case Barden, Kieran Thompson
    Cast: Sarah Sawyer, Luke Johnson
  • Robert Watson
    2015, 70m, documentary

    War Passenger is a documentary film that tells the story of David Axe, a middle-class, suburban-raised South Carolina resident who walked away from his family, friends, and career to travel to Iraq in 2005 at the peak of the Middle Eastern conflict. Armed with only a backpack and a video camera, David embraced his role as a “citizen journalist” and continued to seek out the world’s worst war zones. Since 2005, he has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Chad, Congo, and East Timor.

  • Kentucker Audley
    2012, 65m, comedy, drama, romance

    Lacking a central narrative, the film is an improvised relationship drama that mirrors the real-life development of the actors' lives made over the course of 3 years.

    Cast: Kentucker Audley, Caroline White, Jake Rabinbach, Z Behl
  • Gamal Istiyanto
    2015, 65m, crime, drama, thriller

    Liu Xue Jun is a real estate agent who works for a small company in Beijing. He lives a simple life and he and his wife are expecting a baby. His idyllic life becomes shattered when his pregnant wife dies in a hit and run accident while waiting for Liu to pick her up after work. The local police are able to identity the car, but not the driver, and do little to further pursue the case. The grieving Liu Xue Jun becomes obsessed with finding the driver himself, leading him to a local private detective.

    Produced by: Huang Li Yin & Gamal Istiyanto
    Cast: Fei Fei, Liu Yang, Ju Yuan Sheng, Xu Min Qi, Ai Guo Bao
  • Mark Jarrett
    2013, 107m, adventure, comedy, drama

    After the tragic death of a newly arrived American, ESL teachers Simon (Billy Harvey) and Darin 'the Barbarian' (Jeff Palmiotti) steal the corpse in order to perform the final rites for the fallen stranger. Their quest for the perfect burial spot becomes a quixotic odyssey along Taiwan's East Coast Highway, where they encounter welcoming families, personal demons, and Nikita (Leonora Lim), their saving grace and traveling companion. Part comedy, part dark rumination on existence and place, The Taiwan Oyster invites viewers into the seldom seen world of expats in the Republic of China.

    Produced by: Mark Jarrett, Mitchell Jarrett, Paul Knaus
    Cast: Billy Harvey, Jeff Palmiotti, Leo Lim
  • George Manatos
    2015, 79m, drama

    Ian and Cullen, brothers who have been estranged largely from Ian's problems with addiction, travel to their family beach house to reconnect before Cullen is to be married. When Cullen asks Ian to be his best man, Ian invites down old friends to give his brother a real bachelor party, inviting substances that put their relationship to test.

    Produced by: Max Heller, Bridget Kane, Laura Klein, George Manatos
    Cast: Cris Lankenau, Leo Fitzpatrick, Alexandra Clayton, Marc Cerio
  • Steven Strauss
    2011, 51m, crime, drama

    Bronze contemplatively brings viewers through the course of a fateful 12 hours in the lives of three teenage girls. Slowing creeping towards tragedy, viewers are forced to analyze and rationalize an uncomfortable judgment: were they “asking for it?" Feminist questions about consent, responsibility, victim accountability, and the often skewed media representation of sexual violence are raised as these girls leave their suburban NJ home for a night out.

    Produced by: Steven Strauss
    Cast: Audrey Young, Candice Freshko, Annette Sellas
  • Mike Ambs
    2015, 91m, documentary

    "Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy Straddling the line between documentary and fiction, FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES is a unique road movie covering one man’s bike journey across America in search of something meaningful. First-time director Mike Ambs delivers a visually stunning reflection on coming-of-age while exploring the vast promise of the American landscape.

    Produced by: Erica Hampton
    Cast: Larry McKurtis
  • Todd Frugia, James Strzelinski
    2013, 60m, comedy, experimental, romance

    One Body is an existential comedy that follows two members of a religious order that disbands after a doomsday prediction fails to be realized. Life on Earth continues as usual, and the former disciples are forced face-to-face against their own expectations as they re-integrate into a society whose myriad of opportunities, activities, and comforts sum up to nothing.

    Produced by: Todd Frugia, Marrakesh, James Strzelinski
    Cast: Veronica Bruce, James Strzelinski
  • Jacques à Bâle
    2014, 94m, comedy, family, romance

    A father imposes a set of 20 rules on his daughter before she leaves home for university. Making sure that she obeys them perfectly, he secretly follows her, but ends up falling in with a party crowd and breaking all the rules himself.

    Produced by: Giacun Caduff, Bela Böke, Marc Hermann
    Cast: Carlos Leal, Viola von Scarpatetti, Bettina Dieterle, Joël von Mutzenbecher, Steve Devonas, Manuel Miglioretto, Severina Müller, July Dray, Skelt!
  • Christopher Bell
    2015, 80m, drama

    Ahmad is a refugee from Syria, holding wishes of starting his own taxi service. When he loses his menial employment at a gas station, he attempts to navigate through the current American economy with optimism. Soon, reality begins to set in as consistent work is scarce. It slowly begins to take a toll on his relationships, faith, and sense of self, with his dream slipping quickly from his grasp.

    Produced by: Mohammad Dagman
    Cast: Ahmad Chahrour, Mohammad Dagman, Reginald L. Barnes
  • Jay Stern
    2016, 80m, horror, mystery

    When Marina calls Gideon, he thinks for once nice guys don’t finish last. However, their “date” turns out to be a newspaper assignment in the crumbling old brownstone where Marina’s arrogant boss, Trevor, plans a séance to expose a psychic — and prove once and for all that his wife’s best friend is dead… and gone. But Trevor’s wife isn’t alone sensing otherworldly restlessness. The dead woman’s daughter swears objects appear and disappear. The psychic’s terrified assistant sets out more talismans and charms. And now Gideon sees visions of a mysterious woman in blue light...

    Produced by: Meg Sweeney Lawless, Alan McIntyre Smith, Jay Stern
    Cast: Jun Naito, Marina Franklin, Mina Sands, Mickey Ryan, Mary Micari, Joe Franchini, Marian Brock, Paul Herbig
  • Carlos Chang Cheng, Daniele Piras
    2013, 50m, documentary

    Barsaq for the Muslims is the Zombieland where sinners and saints go after they die, while Barça is the name of the best football team in the world. "Barça or Barsaq" is the phrase used by Africans before they sail off with cayucos to a better future, meaning life or death. And Barsaq is the name of our documentary.

    Produced by: Carlos Chang Cheng, Daniele Piras
    Cast: Mamadou Diagne, Aliou Kande, Khalifa, Malamine Soly
  • Todd Rohal
    2006, 96m, comedy, drama

    A mysterious power failure in a small mountain town coincides with the disappearance of one of its most eccentric young residents. Mystery piles upon mystery as his family and friends search for him, fail, and ultimately try to forget about him, an undertaking that results in many unexpected, and in some cases bizarre, effects on the town's already peculiar community.

    Produced by: Nick Panagopulos, Marissa Ronca, Jason Orfanaon
    Cast: Will Oldham, Ken Byrnes, Katy Haywood, Rich Schreiber, Sheila Scullin, Cory McAbee
  • Roger Ingraham, Katheryn McGaffigan, Jamie Dee, Jeremy Lubman, Tarynn Wiehahn
    2013, 85m, documentary

    Every summer, deep in the Nevada desert, a temporary city is created by tens of thousands of people. The week-long celebration is known as Burning Man. Radical participation, gifting, self-reliance, and self-expression are a few of the core principles. Through our mosaic of personal perspectives, our participatory documentary reveals an intimate glimpse of what we discovered about love, the environment, the gift economy, reality, art, creativity, and ourselves.

    Produced by: Mike Hedge
    Cast: Roger Ingraham, Katheryn McGaffigan, Jamie Dee, Jeremy Lubman, Tarynn Wiehahn
  • David Hefner
    2015, 80m, drama, mystery, thriller

    Eric has spent years searching for his missing girlfriend, Beth. When his investigation leads him back home, he is approached by a mysterious girl named Ashley who claims to have the answers to Beth’s disappearance. Ashley takes Eric to see her friends, Nolan and Brian. Over the course of the evening they try to convince him that his past actions have made him delusional and Ashley is, in fact, his missing girlfriend. Eric is forced to decide what to believe, his own diminished memory, or strangers who demand retribution.

    Produced by: Fiona Walsh
    Cast: Ry Cook, Sienna Beckman, Travis Hammer, Ariel Romeo Davis, Dayeanne Hutton
  • Malik Isasis
    2013, 142m, drama, sci-fi, thriller

    When Muhammad's lover, Mala, abruptly disappears, he finds himself the unexpected target of a criminal investigation. Muhammad's desperate search for answers propels him into the heart of bizarre mystery whose truths lead him to question not only the sanity of the woman he loved but his own.

    Produced by: Malik Isasis and Olga Vazquez
    Cast: Nikhil Melnechuk, Patricia Gil De Rubio, Teresa Stephenson, Vern Tremble
  • Brandon Colvin
    2014, 72m, drama, experimental

    Ben Hardin (Robert Longstreet), a middle-aged scholar, returns home to care for his ill mother during his scheduled writing sabbatical. While home, faced with the remnants of a life he left behind, Ben's relationships with estranged friends and family -- his mother, his brother, his ex-lover, and his old friend -- are tested. As he grows increasingly alienated, he is forced to confront his looming responsibilities and choose whether to engage or detach.

    Produced by: Brandon Colvin, Tony Oswald, Michael Sellers
    Cast: Robert Longstreet, Rhoda Griffis, Kentucker Audley, Rebecca Koon, Thomas Jay Ryan
  • Ian Clark
    2011, 64m, comedy

Small-town slacker Jason still lives at home with his mom Shelly. Content with idle days, he spends his time navigating joblessness, sipping on tall boys, and shooting the shit with his cohort, Tyson and Noah. Dodging tension at home, the trio sets off deep into the backwoods to visit an old friend. All the while, Jason maintains a phlegmatic, possibly fleeting crush with longtime friend Lacy. Poetically sublime and playfully comedic, lyrical and sardonic, Country Story is a tender and loving homage to small-towns and quieter landscapes.

    Produced by: Ian Clark
    Cast: Chris Lambert, Austin Will, Audrey Kovár, Dusty Decker, Erik Jensen, Mandy Treanor
  • Eric Williams
    2015, 88m, biography, documentary

    Brad Williams, aka "the Human Google", is only the second person ever studied for "highly superior autobiographical memory", which lets him recall in amazing detail the events of nearly every day of his life. Brad's rare mental gifts vault him to sudden notoriety, appearances on national TV, and thought-provoking encounters with "Jeopardy!" champ Ken Jennings and talk-show legend Dick Cavett.

    Produced by: Rona Edwards
    Cast: Brad Williams, Ken Jennings, Dick Cavett, James McGaugh, Larry Cahill
  • Edgar Michael Bravo
    2013, 82m, drama, sci-fi, thriller

    In Every World... There Is Only One Like Him. An original sci-fi, drama MONSTER KILLER is the story of of Andrew, a 155-year-old slave from the Civil War era seeks to escape pain and live forever by taking the life force of serial killers he murders while also having to kill the one person he loves as each year passes. He saves the life of an 18-year-old boy from certain death, pulling him into another world where he was never born and begins teaching him how to survive. Their journey will decide if both will be free to live forever or risk their lives to save inno

    Produced by: John Paul Rice
    Cast: Phillip Timothy Gay, Marc Maynon, Tammie Smalls, Katelynn Dubow
  • Joachim Heden
    2010, 96m, drama, romance

    In an effort to quick-fix their respective relationship troubles, six 30-something friends decide to form a "Framily". After Ethan inherits his Fathers big old house outside San Francisco the friends all move in together and try another way of living. Life in the house is easy - and not. As friendships and family merge, each member of the Framily comes to question what it is they want beyond the quick-fix.

    Produced by: Julia Gebauer
    Cast: Richard Gunn, Jennifer Christopher, Jennifer O'Kain, Scott Peat, Kelly Pendygraft, Reanna Nicole
  • Jeffrey Ruggles
    2009, 69m, comedy

    Don is in a predicament. His car won't start and it's absolutely essential that he get across Los Angeles for a birthday party. But it's not just any birthday party. This is a party for Alli, the girl he's had a crush on for months now. After a series of failed attempts to get a ride, he's forced to ask his crazy neighbor for her car and despite the awkwardness, she is willing to help by offering him the only thing her ex-boyfriend didn't take - an embarrassingly pink beach cruiser with a basket on the front. With that Don sets off on his journey across a city where everyone drives.

    Produced by: Jeffrey W. Ruggles, Donald Ian Black, Andrew DeYoung, Jerren Lauder
    Cast: Donald Ian Black, Kelsea Burke, Courtney Kelly, Jessica Brooke, Hugh Mun
  • Gregory Collins
    2013, 83m, drama

    A Song Still Inside follows Mike, a young, under-employed father struggling with fatherhood and with his wife's success. As Maggie's career flourishes, Mike finds himself spending more and more time at home caring for their 9-month old son. With his professional options dwindling, Mike takes matters into his own hands, endangering both his marriage and his son in the process. As jealousies and resentments build, Mike is forced to confront fundamental questions about the life he thought he would lead. An intimate exploration of evolving gender roles in today's nuclear family.

    Produced by: Patricia Beaury, Rodrigo Lopresti, Alicia Van Couvering, Jay Webb
    Cast: Rodrigo Lopresti, Susan Highsmith, Jayce Bartok, Jacqueline Knapp
  • Christian Carroll
    2014, 105m, comedy, film-noir, sci-fi

    “Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two” is a dark comedy / science fiction film. It tells the story of a young scientist named Jorge who has made two inventions: a camera that has the ability to duplicate what it films and a pair of glasses that implant memories into the wearer’s mind. Using this magical camera Jorge attempts to capture forever a period of happiness between himself and his lover Louise.

    Produced by: Christian Carroll, Adeline Thery
    Cast: Adeline Thery, Christian Carroll, Brian Shoop, Mathieu Lagarrigue, Quentin Brussieux, Katherine Boynton
  • Nicolás Pacheco
    2014, 61m, drama, experimental

    When Susan Tan gets fired from work and has no one to go to, she remembers how her mother told her stories about a sad and lonely woman who had no husband or children. Now in her thirties, Sue is afraid she is becoming that woman, so she sails into a journey where she will meet new and old friends that will put her life in perspective, while deciding between independence or doing what is expected of her.

  • Paul Iannacchino, Jr.
    2015, 61m, documentary

    This documentary feature pulls back the curtain on the world of 'working class' rappers. The film spotlights independent artists struggling to find a balance between making a living and pursuing their art alongside the never-ending saga of age and relevance. Weaved together through a series of 30 plus interviews that are devoid of the ego so common in the business of music, especially hip-hop, the film traverses the country (USA) to explore the myths and misconceptions of life as a full-time rapper. Adult Rappers. A documentary stuck on the realness.

    Produced by: Paul Iannacchino, Jr.
  • Joseph Lewis
    2011, 88m, comedy, musical, mystery

    A SLAPSTICK HORROR MUSICAL FAIRYTALE ABOUT LOVE AND DEATH! Once upon a time in a land at the edge of the world called Hollywood, a pair of old lovers, long-estranged, meet again at a Halloween party only to have their new chance at romance spoiled by a guest list of odd and magical characters and a mysterious dead body! Follow our heroes, Tru Holliwood and Ashley Wednesday on this strange trip through our deepest, darkest dreams! A thousand thrills crammed into 88 minutes! Bizarre, barbaric sights never before seen and beauties beyond compare! Sing, dance, laugh, cry, and whatever you do.

  • Randy Walker, Jennifer Shainin
    2006, 120m, drama, experimental

    People are sloppy. They don’t always make sense. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t manage to say anything when they talk, sometimes they connect, sometimes they don’t. They interrupt, contradict and repeat themselves. They confront certain aspects of life, while denying others. They want to be liked by strangers and can be callous to those whom they love most.

    Produced by: Peter Shainin
    Cast: Kathleen McNearney, Tony Cladoosby, Toan Le, Alice Ellingson, Kyle Conyers, Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein, Susan Alotrico
  • James McFay
    2009, 57m, drama, romance

    During the winter season in Tokyo, two disillusioned models fall in love. When their stay extends, the relationship combusts. An atmospheric tale cast with real models, shot on luscious 16mm. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Japan's Pia Film Festival. Cinematography/production by Sean Walker. Sound by Rin Takada. Focus by Gen Ito. With a soundtrack featuring Steve Roach, College, DVAS, Cassian and Beaufort.

    Produced by: James McFay, Sean Walker
    Cast: Rachel Blais, James McFay, Pierre Olivier-Beaudoin, Rebecca Victoria, Rory Stewart and Beata Vildzeviciute
  • Duncan Skiles
    2014, 65m, comedy

    Cameron Hill is hopelessly committed to winning back his ex-girlfriend Marla, even if it means begging via his vlog, "Jammin' with Cameron." Things turn around when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with his new neighbor Kate. But their relationship is put to the test when Marla returns and wants Cameron back.

    Produced by: John Logan Pierson, Duncan Skiles
    Cast: Ben Rameaka, Megan Neuringer, Eliza Skinner, Kumail Nanjiani
  • Kentucker Audley
    2010, 65m, comedy, drama, romance

    The critically-acclaimed 3rd film from director Kentucker Audley continues his streak of authentic, ambling no-budget films. This summer film made in Memphis won praise for its sincerity, laid-back humor, and naturalistic performances. Co-written and starring musician Jake Rabinbach (The Echo Friendly), Open Five is the story of two young New York women visiting Memphis for a complicated weekend of juke joints, ‘singing and dancing’ churches & backyard hangs.

    Cast: Jake Rabinbach, Kentucker Audley, Shannon Esper, Genevieve Angelson, Amy Seimetz
  • Nuel Benjamin
    2014, 80m, animation, mystery, sci-fi

    Peace reigns between Terrorists and Policemen, escapees from a video game who find themselves secluded in a strange hotel. Useless for the first time, they fight against boredom while the world around them slowly crumbles, as if sucked up by some lethal force: the Void. Could this fate give them the chance to become something other than mere clones?

    Produced by: Lardux Films
  • Jeff Johns
    2012, 119m, documentary

    Stigmafollows filmmakers Jeff Johns and Ryan Loughridge as they travel the globe to discover why more hasn't been done to completely eradicate the existence of Leprosy in the world. Through India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, they talk to WHO doctors and aid workers, while visiting numerous colonies and hospitals to meet those affected by the disease and to understand the life-changing stigma it has created for them and for their families.

    Produced by: Jeff Johns, Ryan Loughridge
    Cast: Jeff Johns, Ryan Loughridge
  • Monica Peña
    2014, 65m, documentary, drama, experimental

    When teenager Chelsey finds her grandmother dead, she knows life without the Cuban woman who raised her will never be the same. So she skips school with her brother Cassidy and his friends, making their way across Miami to a Black Metal show, where she confesses her secret. Ectotherms is a no-budget hybrid film featuring a non-professional cast and using their real lives and the places they inhabit to shape the scriptless story, traversing Miami’s island influences, brash punk scene, wild Everglades swamps, and the urban spaces in between.

    Produced by: Monica Peña
    Cast: Chelsey Crowley, Kami Critchley, Cassidy Fry, Eric Blot, Brad Lovett
  • Alberto Martin, Daniele Manca
    2015, 80m, documentary

    A documentary project realized traveling through Europe and collecting interviews along the way, in a 5000 kilometers long road-trip from Schengen, Luxembourg; the place where the borderless Europe is born; to Copenhagen that will be in 2025 the first world capital at zero emission. Denmark, on 2012, has also taken the top spot on the United Nation's first ever World Happiness Report. So this is a trip from the origin of contemporary Europe to the place where seems possible to see the future, today.

    Produced by: Alberto Martin, Daniele Manca / Kilofilmetro
  • Simon Baker
    2014, 96m, comedy, drama

    A double-decker bus weaves through London’s rain-glistened, near-deserted night streets. Gradually we meet the people onboard, of all different ages and nationalities: competitive work colleagues and jaded partners; loud drunks and cheeky fare dodgers; a long-suffering driver and random strangers who strike up the unlikeliest of conversations. Even if you’ve never taken a London night bus (though especially if you have), big city dwellers will recognise the ebb and flow of a bustling metropolis’ nocturnal rhythms and the often-enforced intimacy of public transport.

    Produced by: Tamsin Herbert
    Cast: Mathew Jure, Debra Baker, Waleed Akhtar
  • Stathis Athanasiou
    2015, 73m, experimental, film-noir, thriller

    In a not-so-far-away future, Alpha, a conforming bourgeois woman, refuses to provide shelter to a mysterious Fugitive, for fear of putting her controlled life in danger. The Fugitive is captured and Alpha is arrested and taken to the Forest, where the authorities throw the castaways and the condemned. She is put in a chair under the hanged body of the Fugitive until the authorities decide she has been punished enough.

    Produced by: Stathis Athanasiou
    Cast: Serafita Grigoriadou
  • Matthew Palmer
    2013, 62m, documentary, drama, family

    Friends of Mine is a feature length documentary that chronicles the experiences of several young men who take part in a summer camp for the developmentally disabled population. The goal of the film is to inform the public of the full and loving lives of human beings who are developmentally challenged. It accomplishes this goal by emphasizing the ways in which two volunteers at the summer camp are dramatically affected by the relationships they form with their respective campers.

    Produced by: Matthew Palmer, Susan Aulik
  • Rhett Lewis, Burke Lewis
    2009, 92m, comedy, drama, family

    Billy is Archie’s brother. Archie loves Billy. Billy is deaf. Archie finds a toy radio to cure Billy’s deafness. Sophie thinks it’s stupid. Sophie is Archie’s girlfriend. Archie loves Sophie. Sophie isn’t quite sure about Archie. The adventure that follows will force them to seriously consider: Can relationships solely rely on riding couches through carwashes? Is a toy radio the cure to deafness? These turn out to be very important questions in the lives of Archie, Sophie and Billy. And finding the answers come at a high price.

    Produced by: Brent Burnett, Ben Spackman
    Cast: Candyce Foster, Rhett Lewis, Zachary Christian
  • David Higgins
    2012, 96m, crime, drama, thriller

    In the late 1950s, a hostage situation in rural Nebraska results in the tragic death of a young girl. While transporting the injured killer back to town, local sheriff Henry Fisher (Beau Kiger), his brother Jack (Michael Haskins) and sometimes friend Bob Halloran (Brandon Eaton) decide to indulge in vigilante justice, killing the murderer before he can be brought to trial. Although it seems like an easy decision at the time, it will come to haunt the three men and maybe even destroy them.

    Produced by: Robert Deline
    Cast: Michael Haskins, Brandon Eaton, Beau Kiger, Leah Lockhart, Connor Boyle, Katie Bevard, Mark Hanson
  • Sean Williamson
    2014, 60m, crime, drama, experimental

    Families, friends and factions are set against each other when Jimmy Lee steals from the infamous crime family the Caldwell's. When they kill his girlfriend in retaliation, it sets off a string of events that cannot be undone. Official Selection - Raindance Film Festival London 2013 Shot on Super 8MM and 35MM photo film. Featuring music by Jaill, Hello Death, Hot Coffin, and Altos.

    Produced by: TJ Baade, Mary La Fosse, Frankie Latina, Kelly Cunningham, Ken Palme and Justin Schmidt
    Cast: Frankie Latina (Director of Modus Operandi), Kelly Cunningham ( A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan lll), Kumar Pallana (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Terminal) and Mark Borchardt (American Movie, Cabin Fever 2)
  • Katherine Nero
    2013, 85m, drama, family, history

    Upon her recent victory in winning the release of a wrongfully convicted man, Mirai Scott, a Chicago civil rights attorney, is contacted by her estranged father, Rolly Spencer, a former Black Panther who went underground 30 years earlier to avoid prosecution. Recently captured, Rolly is charged with the attempted murder of a policeman. At first Mirai refuses to take his case. However, believing this to be an opportunity to fill in some blanks about the past, Mirai changes her mind. Long-held hostilities and accusations explode as Mirai aggressively pursues her father’s defense.

    Cast: Charlette Speigner, Shariba Rivers, Jerod Haynes, Eugene Parker
  • David Louie Lukasik
    2013, 70m, adventure, comedy

    Purveyors to Czars chronicles the misadventures of two pals. Broken of both heart and wallet, Mike and Brian set out to get rich quick.

  • Tyler Rubenfeld
    2015, 64m, drama, experimental, horror

    A restless young woman waits out the night in a twilight state, where dreams, memories, revisited and reenacted events intermingle. She tries her best to parse truth from embellishment, reflecting on her relationship with the man sleeping soundly beside her.

    Produced by: Christopher Jason Bell, Tyler Rubenfeld
    Cast: Jenna D'Angelo, Michael Fentin, Zahra Zubaidi, Adam Barrie, Dale Smith
  • Micah Van Hove
    2014, 84m, drama

    Four male twenty-somethings spend twenty-four hours reliving their high school glory days. The drugs, video games, and boozing ends in a moment of terrible violence in this bleak and unflinching portrait of 21st Century male nihilism.

    Produced by: Nate Kamiya
    Cast: Johnny Wactor, Luke Eberl, James Wilson, Jacob King, Cornelia Livingston
  • Gary King
    2009, 92m, comedy, drama, romance

    Gary King’s feature film debut is a unique exploration into the drama of interpersonal relationships and their various stages. With New York Lately, King has created a charming piece of cinema that is as tantalizing as it is engaging in its visual and emotional prowess. Accessible dialogue and skilled acting by relative newcomers, depict a culturally and behaviorally varied group of thirty-somethings who allow the revelations of life’s complications to emerge through missteps, risks taken and personal reflection.

    Produced by: Sujata King, Gary King
    Cast: Jenn Dees, Susan Cagle, Jared Asato, Mark Diconzo, John Weisenburger, Kether Donohue, Vanessa Streiff, Jeremy Koerner
  • Casey Puccini
    2013, 80m, comedy, drama

    This film will be a true story. Children Without Parents is a work of autobiographical fiction, where the filmmaker Casey Puccini explores his relationship with his brazen siblings in the days right after their father’s suicide. The orphaned adults soon enter into a match of emotional destruction, targeting each other’s insecurities, and channeling the worst of their posthumous father’s personality. Puccini plays himself in this heartfelt pre-enactment, revealing the destructive underbelly of family dynamics.

    Produced by: Casey Puccini, Jessica Brown
    Cast: Bryn Packard, Sasha Gioppo, Kevin Stangler and Casey Puccini
  • Leonora Moore
    2011, 85m, drama, family

    Sometimes, life takes the most unexpected of turns. When their parents are killed in a tragic accident, Elva and Sammy run away from home; heading East to find a better life. But things don't go to plan and all too soon they're in need of help. Then they meet Tristant, a French man on a journey of his own, who takes them under his wing and in the short time that they have together, an extraordinary bond begins to grow between them.

    Produced by: Leonora Moore, Andrew Gale
    Cast: Greg Patmore, Nancy Orchis-Evans, Leonora Moore
  • Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster
    2008, 70m, documentary, drama, sport

    Slaying Goliath follows the New York Select Huskies, a basketball team of ten and eleven year old Harlem boys and their families, through their heartfelt often tumultuous journey to the annual national championships in Coca Beach, Florida. The documentary takes an intimate look at the world of young athletes, their hard work and dedication, and the emotionally dark side of what such commitment to the competition and to the eventual allure of professional success can lead people to do.

    Produced by: Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster
  • Byron Q
    2015, 95m, drama, thriller

    Maria is a single mother working as an Escort in Sin City, Las Vegas. Two people from the past comes back into her life, forcing her to re-evaluate the choices she made in life and what the future holds. Izzy is an alcoholic stripper having a mid-life crisis, and Doug is a mysterious drug dealer coming back to re-ignite old flames. When Doug gets into trouble with some local gangsters, Maria shelters him and lets him into her home and her heart. With a house full of kids, including her teenage daughter, can this dysfunctional family solve each others problems or will it lead to disaster.

    Produced by: Kevin Boston
    Cast: Eric Roberts, Christina Bocanegra, Wade Allain-Marcus, Francesca Fanti
  • Zach Weintraub
    2011, 80m, comedy, drama

    A would-be expatriate from the US takes his second stab at life in Buenos Aires. Watch as he drifts between halfhearted attempts at work, a feeble romance with his fellow N. American housemate, and the fruitless search for a mysteriously absent ex-girlfriend.

    Produced by: Bradley Smith
    Cast: Zach Weintraub, Sophia Takal
  • Matthew Wade
    2015, 88m, drama, experimental, horror

    Gwen, a young musician with a growing paranoia disorder, finds herself returning to her hometown of Boise after a traumatic event she was involved with back in Los Angeles. Upon her return, she and her old chums conjure up a perceived answer to their boredom: a chest that houses the ingredients to make any number of things from a birthday cake, to a monster, to the apocalypse.

    Produced by: Sara Lynch, Jacob Kinch, Matthew Wade
    Cast: Sara Lynch, Annika Karlsen, Scott Alonzo, Rodney Genther, Bentley Wiesner
  • Jason Glaser
    2013, 72m, documentary

    The Disconnect: For consumers, bananas are a delicious and nutritious start to the day, a healthy snack and a fixture in our fruit bowls. For millions of residents in the banana lands, the production of bananas means social upheaval, violence and pesticide poisoning. Banana Land explores the origins of these disparate realities, and opens the conversation on how workers, producers and consumers can address this disconnect.

  • Lydia Hyslop
    2013, 77m, comedy

    Ada's world looks sunny, but her life is turning upside down. When a vote to legalize marijuana passes, she finds her unusual and illegal livelihood suddenly threatened. Her brother urges her to quit her alternative lifestyle and go get a "real" job. Her alcoholic roommate can't pay the bills. With both girls strapped for cash, one of Ada's customers tells her about a money-making opportunity "modeling"... with her feet. Is she just the girl with the drugs to everyone? What happens if the demand for the girl with the drugs becomes obsolete? Welcome to Ada's quarter-life crisis.

    Produced by: Lydia Hyslop
    Cast: Tarah DeSpain, Lydia Hyslop, Chad Hartigan, Har Mar Superstar, Kristin Slaysman, Shaughn Buchholz, Tupac Zapata, Jim Hayes, Will Schulz
  • Josh Beck
    2014, 97m, drama, romance

    While struggling to cope with the death of her boyfriend, a young woman begins to form romantic feelings for her new supportive female friend.

    Cast: Wendy McColm, Christina Elizabeth Smith
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