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Thyrone Tommy
2016, 20m, drama, fantasy, thriller

Mariner follows Nate as he goes through his final exams before heading out to sea. He has found a remarkable crewing position, but his ongoing anxiety causes him to screw up during a simulation testing. Despite his other successes, this fails him. He decides to go about the rest of the day’s exams, when he notices an instructor who was never there before, despite his classmates saying otherwise. Through her, he is given a gift similar to one he once received after nearly drowning as a child, a gift that helped him find his strength then and, hopefully can help him now.

Produced by: Alona Metzer, Thyrone Tommy
Cast: Thomas Olajide, Alison Louder, Alli Chung, Rod Wilson
The 3-week run for Mariner ended on Sep 15th, 2017. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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