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Anaís Medina , Tony Navarro
2015, 23m, drama, sci-fi, thriller

A young and previously unknown company chooses a small town to sell a revolutionary new product.

Adrian and Cristian, after his morning workout, talk about this technology and looking for ways to get it.

Produced by: Dawn Melodies Productions
The 3-week run for Subliminal ended on Sep 18th, 2017. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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The Ten-Day Interview

5 questions with Subliminal directors, Anaís Medina , Tony Navarro at the half-way mark.
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
  1. 1 Hi Anaís and Tony! Thanks for being a part of our festival. First, what was the initial seed that made you want to make this film?
    Today, everyone depends on technology and until entrust their lives. Nobody thinking about the bad things that can make us if they malfunction. We wanted to criticize the use of so much technology in life, the blind trust of society.
  2. 2 You two co-wrote and co-directed this film. How did you two meet, why did you two choose to work together and how to you two divvy up the responsibilities?
    We collaborated together on a video from the university. We had similar ideas and we started making short films together until today.
  3. 3 This revolutionary product is science fiction but I don't imagine it will be too long before something like this exists. Why did you choose to base this story around a product that could exist in the near future?
    We wanted to make a sci-fi short but with the possibility that it might be real. Thus the viewer feels more identified with the story ... that could live it and thus make him doubt the technology.
  1. 4 There is no doubt things like the internet and the i-phone have completely changed the way we interact and with each other. What are your thoughts on this stuff and where do you think this technology is going to take us?
    It will bring his good and bad things. Let's hope that they are good but that the society also can control her and not upside-down.
    Everything depends on the use that the human being does of her.
  2. 5 What's next?
    We are currently promoting two short films: Hofuku-Revenge (2016) and Water Memories (2017).

    The first short is a classic horror inspired by Japanese legends. The second is a drama about racism that takes you to psychological suspense horror.
  3. About the Interviewer: Ben Hicks
    Ben Hicks is a writer/director and co-founder of Fandependent Films. Ben is currently working on making Fandependent Films awesome and is finishing up his first feature film entitled Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time which was selected for the 2017 IFP Narrative Lab.
    Ben Hicks

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