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Jolly Boy Friday

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Jolly Boy Friday

Weston Razooli
2016, 15m, comedy, crime

Sprytle and Frex, two desperate friends, are planning to rob their coke dealer, Jolly Boy. They recruit a third friend, Cody to pose as a 'burglar' who will rob their apartment when Jolly Boy arrives for a delivery. While perfecting the scheme, a web of betrayal and greed unfolds amongst them. However, on the day of the robbery, their plans are turned upside down when Jolly Boy arrives with his entire gang, the Sofa Boys.

Produced by: Jacob Grodnik, Weston Razooli, Jeffrey Reeser
Cast: Jacob Grodnik, Chris Stathis, Weston Razooli
The 3-week run for Jolly Boy Friday ended on May 3rd, 2017. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!

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