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You Are Awake

You Are Awake

Pedro Martin-Calero
2016, 5m, drama, mystery, thriller

For almost 2 years the people of the village of Kalachi, Kazakhstan have started to faint and fall asleep without any reason. They wake up between two and six days later, drowsy with only memories drawn from their nightmarish dreams. The government have sent their best scientists to resolve the enigma but only to find no solution or cause. All their tests have led to nothing and no one knows what causes the deep sleep.

Pedro M-C takes inspiration from this real life phenomenon in his short 'We Are Awake' which addresses the relationship between fear of the unknown and the human condition.

Produced by: Paul Weston, Corin Taylor
Cast: Frederick Schmidt
The 3-week run for You Are Awake ended on Feb 26th, 2017. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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