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Somewhere Down the Line

Somewhere Down the Line

Julien Regnard
2014, 10m, animation, drama

Somewhere Down the Line follows a man’s life, loves and losses, shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.

Produced by: Jonathan Clarke
The 3-week run for Somewhere Down the Line ended on Mar 13th, 2017. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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The Ten-Day Interview

6 questions with Somewhere Down the Line director, Julien Regnard at the half-way mark.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017
  1. 1 Hey Julien! Thanks for being a part of our festival. First, what was the initial idea that inspired Somewhere Down The Line?
    Thanks for having me :)
    I travelled a lot during my studies from France to Belgium, then to Ireland, I noticed that it was hard to keep in touch with people, came to me this idea of life as a journey on the road where you meet people, share a very strong moment of your life with them and then sometimes never see them again.
  2. 2 This is such a beautiful and poetic film and you're able to tell such a wonderful story with very few words. I'd love to hear why you chose to make this film with so little dialogue and what you think the strengths and weaknesses are when relying on dialogue.
    As a storyboard artist I am a very visual person, I wanted to focus on compositions, rythme, colors, atmosphere rather than on dialogs to tell my story. As a result my characters are a bit empty sometimes, they are more like figures, or statues than real people, I realized that when I saw the film finished but at the same time it gives the all film a dream like aspect that I really like. I think dialogs are like camera mouvements, if you don't really need them don't use them, I don't think I needed a lot of dialogs to tell that story.
  3. 3 How long did it take you make this film and what was your biggest challenge making it?
    It took us about a year to make the film, 7 months full production. I think the biggest challenge was to make the 3D look good and coherent with the rest of the film. We had to paint a lot of 2D backgrounds and then project them on a 3D space to give this "painted" look. I was very lucky to have my friend Pascal Giraud who did a wonderful job with that.
  1. 4 You were able to make this film with the help of the Irish Film Board. How did they get involved and how were they able to help you?
    Cartoon Saloon studio was looking for new projects to develop, I had that story I had written already so I presented it and with the help of Jonathan Clarke my producer we got the funding from the Irish Film Board. They were really helpful and supportive and they followed the project very closely until the end. It was a great experience to work with them.
  2. 5 What is it about animation that you enjoy? What are the strengths that animation has over live action?
    I actually prefer live action films, haha but I love painting, drawing and storyboarding so animation is a good place for me I think. What I enjoy the most is to tell a story, and the freedom that animation allows. I don't really like to animate, except for action scenes I think it's a very tedious work.
  3. 6 What's next?
    I currently writing a new film in brussels were I hope to get fundings to make it with a really nice studio called SquareFish. It's going to be a short horror/drama story about jealousy and love and death. Can't wait to get started!
  4. About the Interviewer: Ben Hicks
    Ben Hicks is a writer/director and co-founder of Fandependent Films. Ben is currently working on making Fandependent Films awesome and is finishing up his first feature film entitled Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time which was selected for the 2017 IFP Narrative Lab.
    Ben Hicks

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