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KWAK (or Kassandra with a K)

The run for this film has ended.

Thank you to all the fans that supported this film!

KWAK (or Kassandra with a K)

Ahmed Khawaja & Andre Puca
2016, 105m, comedy, documentary, experimental

Nursing a broken heart from his first breakup, Ahmed decides heʼs going to be homeless—this is his naïve, lovesick attempt to get over the girl whose name is the inspiration for this filmʼs title. Being the hopeless romantic that he is, Ahmed wants to document his days living as a change peddler. He does so thinking that he will end up making a film about his adventures and finally exorcise the memory of Kassandra. But, Ahmed abandons this first film when the fancy strikes him to make another movie instead, a movie about his breakup.

The 3-week run for KWAK (or Kassandra with a K) ended on Dec 4th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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“It's good for the heart, truly”
- tyler rubenfeld

Fans of this film

  1. kelli geoghegan
  2. alesia cole
  3. noa kwak
  4. michael fentin
  5. stanley asiegbulem
  6. ruby gostelow
  7. brian mcneil
  8. philippe yazbeck
  9. domenico puca
  10. adam quane
  11. sawyer hurwitz
  12. jabari canada
  13. ju-chieh lee
  14. shawn quirk
  15. daniel finkbeiner
  16. jeffrey limoncelli
  17. christopher kenny
  18. ahmed khawaja
  19. pietro o'rourke
  20. annie martens
  21. ben hicks
  22. fahad memon
  23. william beasley
  24. nelson lee
  25. gian coelho
  26. benjamin gronich
  27. darrin smith
  28. eoin clark
  29. jennifer ventura
  30. jacqueline doyka
  31. lucia jamaluddin
  32. chris bell
  33. marc andelman
  34. matthew mcewan
  35. tyler rubenfeld
  36. emily barger
  37. carlo puca
  38. blair naujok
  39. giuseppina puca
  40. lucy puca
  41. angela di spirito
  42. carmela puca
  43. cira puca
  44. erin mcmanus
  45. francesca dispirito
  46. serena puca
  47. kel marie
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