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Most Likely

The run for this film has ended.

Thank you to all the fans that supported this film!

Most Likely

Andrew Bemis
2015, 119m, comedy, drama, romance

Most Likely is an ensemble comedy that revolves around the wedding of Kurt and Chloe, a free-spirited couple that, instead of planning a traditional wedding, decide to invite their closest friend to Kurt’s family’s vacation house in northern New Hampshire for the weekend. Unfolding over the course of the weekend leading up to Chloe and Kurt’s nuptials, wine is poured (and other substances are imbibed), old friendships are tested and new relationships begin.

Produced by: Jennifer Beaudoin, Robert Brookes
Cast: Rory Acres, Colin Allen, Jennifer Beaudoin, Andrew Bemis, Jessica Conger, Johnny Donaldson, Alex Tyler Fandel, Alisa Leigh, Destinie Ryan, Kevin Sandberg
The 3-week run for Most Likely ended on Nov 4th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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“Sophisticated, intelligently written. Characters have depth.”
- denise jacquard

Fans of this film

  1. amanda mcgrady
  2. daniel lampkin
  3. scott young
  4. denise jacquard
  5. kevin hill
  6. jessica conger-henry
  7. ashley franklin
  8. erin chubb
  9. jessica brainerd
  10. emily garrett
  11. michael miele
  12. shawn fumo
  13. kevin sandberg
  14. alee ellingsberg
  15. ali d
  16. ellen arnstein
  17. colin allen
  18. thomas fiffer
  19. samantha smith
  20. robert brookes
  21. robert morgenthaler
  22. nora mossessian
  23. shane chubb
  24. scott st pierre
  25. nicholas henry
  26. emilie smith
  27. jenny nawoj
  28. caitlyn morley
  29. morgan payne
  30. christopher grace
  31. adam kozak
  32. david gaider
  33. jared baker
  34. andrew fields
  35. paris crenshaw
  36. jacob long
  37. kathryn!"
  38. john donaldson jr
  39. andrew arriaga
  40. kimberly stewart
  41. destinie ryan
  42. loisann kuntz
  43. benjamin mellerup
  44. matthew bemis
  45. robert crooker
  46. kevin lawrence
  47. kate zarnay
  48. edward chen
  49. lloyd thurman
  50. joseph van allen
  51. andrew bemis
  52. lindsey sud
  53. liz jensen
  54. tyler geis
  55. kathy jencso
  56. karen wyatt
  57. denis mcelwaine
  58. alison allen
  59. jennifer beaudoin
  60. virginia berry
  61. steve phillips
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