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Up The River

Up The River

Ben Greenblatt
2016, 76m, drama, romance, thriller

On a trip to upstate New York, twenty-something Rebecca (Lindsay Burdge, A TEACHER) finds herself in between places. As the weekend unfolds with her fiancé Thomas (Will Brill, NOT FADE AWAY) and his friends Willy (Adam David Thompson) and Laura (Nathalie Love), Rebecca struggles through emotional uncertainty. Doubtful of her future with Thomas, she becomes intrigued by his best friend Willy’s bold advances.

Nerves are pushed, wills broken, and secrets exposed. Their relationship tested, Thomas and Rebecca may never recover from this weekend.

Produced by: Nick Shore, Brendan McHugh
Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Will Brill, Adam David Thompson, Nathalie Love
The 3-week run for Up The River ended on Nov 2nd, 2016. This film is the recipient of the Jury Award for our Fall 2016 Festival.
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“Excellent writing and directing”
- nicholas hippensteel

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