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The run for this film has ended.

Thank you to all the fans that supported this film!


Sacha Bodiroga
2015, 109m, drama, experimental, romance

ARMOR is a kind of neo-realistic, social drama that does not follow all the rules of the genre. A movie about the fear of the Future, about the choices we all have to make during this fuzzy period between the teenage-hood and the beginning of the adulthood. Alan lives in a small village in Brittany (France) and Mona is the small ray of sunlight that seems to help him out of the boring social life he has, with no joyful perspectives. Everything goes very fast for Alan, the sell of the illegal alcohol gives him hope to run away from his town.

Produced by: Sacha Bodiroga, Flavia Nicolo
Cast: Louis Sers, Marie Cluzet, Richard Jayez
The 3-week run for Armor ended on Nov 12th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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“Scary atmosphere in wild Brittany with a modern pattern !”
- valerie enquin

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