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Carpe Diem

The run for this film has ended.

Thank you to all the fans that supported this film!

Carpe Diem

Eric Hinwood
2015, 95m, adventure, comedy, drama

Three high school graduates decide to backpack through Europe before they go off to college. Everything goes great, until one of them goes missing. With only a few weeks until they have to fly home, the travelers desperately search for their friend as hilarity ensues.

Produced by: Joseph Evans, Vishal Kolar, Eric Hinwood, Collin McDowell, Selena Welling
Cast: Eric Hinwood, Collin McDowell, Selena Welling, Aaron Shi, Ammon Hardy
The 3-week run for Carpe Diem ended on Sep 14th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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Eric Hinwood

The Ten-Day Interview

10 questions with Carpe Diem director, Eric Hinwood at the half-way mark.
Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
  1. 1 What was the initial inspiration behind Carpe Diem ?
    I wanted to make a film as soon as I finished my film production trade school, and my friends and I had talked about saving up to travel around Europe after we graduated, so I combined the two ideas.
  2. 2 What other films or TV shows influenced the style of Carpe Diem ?
    Euro Trip definitely had an influence, but it had more of a French new wave or realist approach to it in my opinion.
  3. 3 You wrote the script as well, were you very faithful to the script during shooting or was improvisation encouraged ?
    The original script that I wrote was 40 pages long, but after improvising whole scenes and adding new ideas as we had them, the final script ended up being 90 pages.
  4. 4 How did you approach casting for this movie ? Especially for the characters they encounter in Europe.
    Almost every European character encountered was a real person that we met for the first time while we were traveling, except for Selena Welling's aunt and cousin, who played the roles of Julia's aunt and cousin.
  5. 5 What was your shooting schedule like for this movie ? Did you have a lot of time or was it constrained ?
    We had 5 weeks to travel around Eurooe getting every shot we needed, then shot the US scenes when we returned. The US 2nd unit photography wasn't rushed, but ended up being only about 5 days of shooting overall.
  6. 6 Did you encounter any difficulties shooting in the different European cities ?
    There were certain areas that we were allowed to shoot in Scotland, but overall we had very few issues. The main problem was that all production equipment had to be carried in backpacks as we travelled from place to place.
  7. 7 What was your camera and sound set up for the shoot ?
    The film was shit primarily on a Canon 60D, with a Rode Videomic Pro mounted on the camera as the only source of audio.
  8. 8 What was the biggest challenge you faced during the making of Carpe Diem ?
    I'd say the biggest challenge I had was motivating our 4 member cast/crew to shoot the scenes we needed rather than just explore Europe. We had break days when we wouldn't shoot anything except shots of the city so the actors could explore the cities we visited.
  9. 9 What is one thing you wish you knew before you started shooting this film ?
    I wish I had known how long of a process I was getting myself into. I would have done it anyway, but I could have prepared better.
  10. 10 What's next for you ? Are you working on any interesting projects ?
    I have two other features that I've recently directed, After the Fall and War of the Limelight. Hopefully they do even better than this first film. After all, I was only 17 when I wrote the script for Carpe Diem, and 18 when we shot it. I feel like I've learned a lot since then.
  11. About the Interviewer: Ian Ruby
    Ian Ruby is a filmmaker from Co. Cork, Ireland. His debut feature Dead Dogs won Best Drama Feature at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2015, Best National Feature at the Dare Media Underground Film Festival 2015, and Best Feature at the Sky Road Film + TV Festival 2015. The film is currently available to view here:
    Ian Ruby

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