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Robin Entreinger
2012, 83m, drama, horror, thriller

Francis is a lonely, shadowy young man who wants to find a solution to his problems and decides to see a psychiatrist. Session after session, Vincent finds out that his quiet, sensible-looking patient could become violent and dangerous.

Produced by: Robin Entreinger
Cast: Valentin Bonhomme, Jérôme Palfroy
The 3-week run for Victims ended on Sep 12th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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Robin Entreinger

The Ten-Day Interview

10 questions with Victims director, Robin Entreinger at the half-way mark.
Thursday, September 1st, 2016
  1. 1 What first inspired you to make Victims ?
    I don't really know what inspired me for Victims, I had had this story in my mind for a long time, I just wanted to show the monster hidden in a "regular" guy... Psycho killers are always the same in movies ; wearing black, living in a messy basement... That is not real life. I wanted to present a "bad guy" that looks like you and me ; realistic.
  2. 2 The film is really effective at portraying the disturbing nature of Francis' mind. Did you do a lot of research into murderers ?
    I've done some research, but I wanted to have a character that you've never seen before in movies. Francis is lonely, of course, he knows he has a problem with people and violence, he has pulsions, and he doesn't really know he could be a killer. It is just... the way he is. As simple as that.
  3. 3 The acting in Victims is fantastic. How did you prepare your actors for these roles ?
    Valentin did a lot of research on his side. He is great because he is very calm, quite, he speaks slowly, but you can feel that he has this fire burning inside him. Great job. About Marjolaine (the victim), I told her that she was the "rabbit that doesn't move" when he's trapped... Her role was to be afraid, but NOT to fight or struggle. What would you do yourself in such circumstances? No easy answer...
  4. 4 What films influenced you stylistically when it came to making Victims ?
    Well, Victim is my first feature film. Now, I use handheld camera all the time. But in 2012, when we shot Victim, I chose to used tripod to have very steady shoots. I think I saw "Despues de Lucia" right before shooting, it may have been an influence. I like arthouse indie movies, there are two other movies that have been a big influence for this, it's "R U There" by David Verbeek and "Afterschool" by Antonio Campos. Both amazing.
  5. 5 The violence is the film is very realistic and unsettling ? Can you tell us about your approach to shooting on screen violence ?
    When I shot a violent scene, I want it to be simple and realistic. I don't like gore effect or CGI too much. It kills reality. It is all about making it real. And the way to do it is to avoid complexity, not to put music, no big camera effects. I think most directors do it the other way : make violent scenes very complexe and full of sound effects and big music : it is not my style. I like it rough.
  6. 6 What is the independent film scene like in France right now ?
    I'm probably not to perfect guy to answer this question... In my opinion (I may be totally wrong), the indie scene is NOT doing really great. Distributors don't want to take the risk of releasing an indie film with no big name on the poster. Movie theaters are afraid to take indie movies because they are scared it won't make enough money. We are governed by money. You have to be strong to make indie movies in France. And think international.
  7. 7 What was your production schedule like ? How long did the film take to shoot ?
    We shot the movie in 3 weeks : first week in the south of France, all the scenes with Francis alone and the final murder scene ; then we shot 1 week in Lyon - all the psychotherapy scenes and some other scenes with Vincent Varennes and his wife at home, and finally a week to shoot the rest of the movie : the dinner, etc. 3 weeks, not in a raw. That took all summer 2012.
  8. 8 What cameras / sound recording equipment were you using ?
    I shot the movie with a Canon 5D. Last year, my car was broken into and my 5D was stolen. I didn't used it to shoot anymore, because I now own a Black Magic Camera, but I was really sad because I shot Victim and Sadik 2 with that Canon and I was attached to it!
  9. 9 What was the most important lesson you learned from making this film ?
    Everything is possible if you really want it. Victims was my first feature film. Before that, I'd only made two short films. I really wanted to make this movie, a feature film, no matter what. Collaboration with Valentin was also a key to completing the movie. He was very passionate, like me.
  10. 10 What's next for you ?
    After Victims, I shot SADIK 2 (london frightfest 2013), then ETA CARINA (a drama that has not been released yet), and DREAMLAND (an arthouse thriller/drama in Japan). I just shot THE DARKEST, a scary movie, that will be screened at Cannes Film Market 2017.
  11. About the Interviewer: Ian Ruby
    Ian Ruby is a filmmaker from Co. Cork, Ireland. His debut feature Dead Dogs won Best Drama Feature at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2015, Best National Feature at the Dare Media Underground Film Festival 2015, and Best Feature at the Sky Road Film + TV Festival 2015. The film is currently available to view here:
    Ian Ruby

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