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Snævar Sölvason
2015, 90m, comedy

With a B.Sc. in software engineering and a lust for adventure, big city boy Tommi has made solid plans for the future with his girlfriend Rakel. They decide to spend a summer in the Wild West-fjords of Iceland before going to the capital to start a life together. Things change quickly in the Wild West and before he knows it, Tommi has to rely on his colourful co-workers at the Golf Club in Bolungarvík to make it through the summer. That is easier said than done when they're dealing with an extremely demanding boss, nature at it's finest and aggressive wild life.

Produced by: Snævar Sölvason, Gudgeir Arngrimsson, Hansel Eagle, Ingvar Thordarson, Julius Kemp
Cast: Hansel Eagle, Palmi Getsson, Gunnnar Kristinsson, Finnbogi Dagur Sigurdsson
The 3-week run for Albatross ended on Jun 5th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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