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Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures

The run for this film has ended.

Thank you to all the fans that supported this film!

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures

Vlado Priborsky
2015, 102m, biography, comedy, drama

This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia. When he is 12 years old his parents decide to move to Vienna. What follows is the discovery of a whole new world, the world of movies. Soon young Vlado’s passion for films results in his own short films. And from the beginning at the back of his mind, the desire to someday make a feature film. Like most filmmakers in pursuit of their dream, Vlado has to overcome obstacles. At the age of 26 the cancer crossed his way.

Produced by: Vlado Priborsky, Mario Koller
Cast: Wolfgang Rauh, Agnes Kammerer, Anatol Rieger, Alexander Pschill
The 3-week run for Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures ended on Jun 24th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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Vlado Priborsky

The Ten-Day Interview

10 questions with Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures director, Vlado Priborsky at the half-way mark.
Monday, June 13th, 2016
  1. 1 Hi Vlado! Thanks for being a part of our 2016 Spring Festival. First, what gave you the idea to make an autobiography film as your first feature?
    The question is...why not? But the simple answer is: you have the story, the true story which you can tell to the audience. And the best stuff you cann show the audience is the stuff arround us. Our life.
  2. 2 Did you really go through all those events? How difficult was it to relive some of those moments while making the film?
    90% of this movie is real and trully happend. For example my sickness 2001, the death of my first son David. Believe me, to write this events in a script was not easy. I stoped the writing some days. It was not possible to go on. And latest on the set, once again for example the birth and the death of David, nobody can't imagine what happend inside of me. But it was necessary to show it in the movie.
  3. 3 Wolfgang Rauh plays yourself in the film and does a fantastic job. What was it about him that made you want to cast him and how challenging was it to get performances that match your life?
    Wolfgang is the best Actor I ever meet. He was created his own Vlado, his own style and did fantastic job. Wolfgang is a master in improvisation. It was important for me that Wolfgang brings all the events to the audience which happend to me and my family. But it was on him, to created his own style. And we can see - Wolfgang won the first price BEST ACTOR FEATURE FILM in Ioawa, Wild Rose Independent Film Festival. He is great!!
  4. 4 In the film there are moments from the shorts you made. Was that footage from your actual short films or did you re-shoot scenes from your short films?
    All shorts you see in the movie are original footage! But some scenes (behind the scenes or making of in the movie) are re-shoot. It is a combination of all.
  5. 5 What was the biggest challenge making this film and how did you get through it?
    Next question please. :)
    My plan was: 5 people in team, 2-3 actors, 5.000 Euro budget, 1 year and the movie is finished.
    The final result was: 150 people total (team and actors), 20.000 Euro budget, and over 2 years (day and night) hard work. You can't imagine!
    Finally, it was my hard target to finished one day this movie. And a lot of crazy people which worked for me, for us. For free!
  6. 6 What's the film that made you want to become a filmmaker?
    Evil Dead. I think. Sam Raimi is great!
    Also Braindead, Peter Jackson.
    One day I'll make also an Splatter Epic Movie. :)
  7. 7 You co-wrote this script with Mario Koller, Edgar Pfandler, and Wolfgang Rauh. What was your process like and how long did it take you all to complete it?
    The main story is my story, my life. But this story need also another point of view. It needs also humor, comedy elements, or mystery elements. And that was the reason why the another 3 guys worked also on the script.
    Wolfgang's feedback was the most important feedback of all, because he have to play me. He did also here fantastic job.
  8. 8 Which scene are you most proud of and why?
    The "Lucky Loosers" scene. (including casting scene before)
    You have to know, we have in this booth sceens 5 big stars (austrian actors) and it was impossible to have all 5 on 2 days. So it was a littel bit magic for me.
    On the second day (the day with the Car scene) we had really bad weather. And no time. a long road to the location. But we did it. In the last take they come rain, the guys pull the car out of frame and a big storm was comming. And it is the funniest scene in the movie. I'm very proud to have it.
  9. 9 You experienced so many hardships in your life, how did you get through it all? What advice do you have for others who are going through extremely difficult times?
    First of all, my wife Nicole was everytime on my side. And that was very important for me, for us.
    The main point is - if you are in situation like this - you can fall over - you'll fall over, but you have to stand up very quick. This is important. The life is not easy, not for me, not for all people in the world. But we have a lot of things in our hands.
  10. 10 What's next?
    I would like to continue the "Lucky Loosers" story. We have a new (working) title: BELLADRIA. It is a mix:
    Drama, Comedy and Mystery. But without money like Blockbuster - no way. Maybe I'll go to the USA and contact some producers with my treatment. Also Steven Spielberg. I have nothing to lose. :)
  11. About the Interviewer: Ben Hicks
    Ben Hicks is a writer/director and co-founder of Fandependent Films. Ben is currently working on making Fandependent Films awesome and is finishing up his first feature film entitled Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time which was selected for the 2017 IFP Narrative Lab.
    Ben Hicks

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