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At the Horizon

The run for this film has ended.

Thank you to all the fans that supported this film!

At the Horizon

Anysay Keola
2012, 102m, drama, thriller

Sin a spoiled, rich, young man woke up found himself tied and lock up in the dark room. Lud a mute man appear and seek revenge from Sin, who had killed his wife and daughter in a car crash.

The pain from the loss was killing Lud alive and had trapped him in a maze of revenge. Only the death of Sin that could even Lud's tragedy. Lud and Sin were doomed to share the destiny, which would change their lives forever and lead them towards the point of no return.

Produced by: Vannaphone Sitthirath, Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, Anysay Keola
The 3-week run for At the Horizon ended on Jun 12th, 2016. Thank you to all the fans that supported it!
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