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The 2016 Collection

of Award Winning Feature Films
Of the 212 features screened on Fandependent Films last year, only 16 films remain. We are proud to present to you the glorious 2016 Collection of award winning films.

Award Winning films of Winter 2016

Paul Iannacchino, Jr.
Casey Puccini
Matthew Palmer
Zach Weintraub

Award Winning films of Spring 2016

Scott Baehrend
Jack Perez
Ericson Just
Nicholas Bateman

Award Winning films of Summer 2016

Carlton Sugarman
Marcos Machado Loría
Scout Tafoya
Danny Madden

Award Winning films of Fall 2016

Jorge Ortigoza
Jon Alston
Richard Rossmann
Ben Greenblatt

What is The Collection?

This is the home of Fandependent Film's Collection of Award winning films. Only the top films of each festival are bestowed this glorious honor.

Live on in Infamy

The Award winning films get enshrined in The Collection until the end of time.

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